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Note: Wearing the provided uniform on all class days is mandatory for all fast-track students as their classes will be scheduled with professional diploma groups. Such students are also required to follow the diploma program dress code, grooming standards, code of conduct, procedures and policies, class activities, and timings. 22 ICCA / AP / V9.0 / 06 / 2021 Course Fees Course Fees Certificate in Cookery AED 16,000 USD 4,445 Learning Resource ICCA Dubai Learning Resource Platform, Printed Material for the Course AED 1,300 USD 362 Uniform Chef’s Kit – Chef’s Jacket, Chef’s Pants, ¾ Apron and Chef’s Cap. AED 450 USD 125 (Prices exclusive of VAT) 3 1 / 202 Making Lives Happen - Please note that a percentage of the fees earned is set aside to provide free education to the talented and deserving but financially underprivileged UAE young industry chefs, as part of the ICCA Culinary Scholarship Program, the annual One Million Dirham Continuing Education Award.