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23 ICCA / AP / V9.3 / 01 / 2022 Dubai UAE Visa (Optional) International students must apply for a UAE visa, and ICCA Dubai facilitates international students with suitable visas. There are two kinds of visas to opt from as under - Single Entry Visit Visas The single-entry visit visas are suitable for those taking course programs that range from one (1) month, three (3) months, to six (6) months in duration. Single Entry Visa Costs: 1. 30 Days of Continuous Stay: AED 1,300 USD 360 2. 90 Days of Continuous Stay: AED 2,000 USD 555 Accommodation (Optional) Upon request, ICCA Dubai can make arrangements for a fully furnished, air-conditioned, serviced Student Accommodation with a kitchenette and laundry. This service will be provided on a shared or single room basis, with separate quarters for male and female student chefs. Student Accommodation - Uninest Student Residences, Dubai Room Types 30 Days 45 Days 60 Days Twin En-suite Standard AED 3,450 / USD 959 AED 5,175 / USD 1,438 AED 6,900 / USD 1,917 Single En-suite Standard AED 4,300 / USD 1,195 AED 6,450 / USD 1,792 AED 4,600 / USD 2.390 Single Large En-suite Deluxe AED 5,000 / USD 1,389 AED 7,500 / USD 2,112 AED 10,000 / USD 2,778 Studio En-suite Deluxe AED 5,500 / USD 1,528 AED 8,250 / USD 2,292 AED 11,000 / USD 3,056 The prices indicated are inclusive of Uninest admin fees, security deposit, daily transport and meals at the ICCA. (Terms & Conditions apply.) Student Meals Morning Shift – Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on all working days; students must make their own arrangements for dinner. Afternoon Shift – Dinner will be provided on all working days; students must make their own arrangements for Breakfast and Lunch. Hotel and Hotel Apartment - Prices available upon request. Note: The student accommodation, Hotel and Hotel Apartments, rates are seasonal and subject to change.