Prospectus - Amateur

3 Classes 2 Classes Course Delivery Plan 1. Introduction to Kitchen Operations Food Safety and HACCP in Catering 2. Introductory Class Kitchen Orientation and Introduction to Ingredients, Equipment, Units, Conversions, and the Metric and Imperial Systems of Measurement – Theory and Kitchen Tour 3. Short Crust Pastry Introduction to Short Crust Pastry – Fruit Tartlet with Crème Pâtisserie, Apple Pie, Chocolate Tarte, Quiche Lorraine 4. Lamination Technique Pu Pastry Introduction to Lamination Technique Pu Pastry – Making Pu Pastry, Turnovers, Jalousie, Cheese Straw, Palmiers, Pineapple Tarte Tatin 1 Classes 5. Filo Pastry Introduction to Using Filo Pastry – Pear and Raisin Strudel with Crème Anglaise, Filo Cups with Caramel Nut Filling, Filo Triangles 1 Classes 2 Classes 3 Classes 6. Choux Pastry Introduction to Choux Pastry – Éclairs, Profiteroles / Choux Buns, Croquembouche – Demo 2 Classes 7. Meringue Introduction to Meringue – Vacherin / Fruit Baskets with Lemon Curd, Merveilleux, Eton Mess, Pavlova – Demo, Almond Macaroons 27 ICCA / AP / V9.3 / 01 / 2022