Prospectus - Amateur

1 Classes 3 Classes 1 Classes 8. Introductory Class Introduction to Cakes and Cookies – Theory 9. Cookies Introduction to Cookies – Anzacs, Langue du Chat / Cat’s Tongue, Biscotti* , Choc Chip Cookie, Sesame Tuile*, Ginger Nut Almond Cookies, Sable a la Poche, Piped, Butter Cookies, Vanilla-Choc Swirls* 10. Bars and Squares Introduction to Bars and Squares – Florentine Slice*, Date and Caramel Slice*, Flap Jacks*, Muesli Bar* 2 Classes 11. Foaming Cakes Introduction to Foaming Cakes – Black Forest Gateau, Swiss Roll 2 Classes 12. Creaming Cakes Introduction to Creaming Cakes – Sour Cream Co ee Cake, Old Fashioned Cherry Cake*, Upside Down Pineapple Cake, Victoria Cake / Pound Cake* 1 Classes 13. All-in Cakes Introduction to All-together or All-in Cakes – Carrot Cake, Banana Loaf 2 Classes 14. Cup Cakes & Mu ns Introduction to Cupcakes – Red Velvet Cup Cakes, Sticky Date Pudding*, Chocolate Cup Cakes, Apple Oat Cinnamon Mu ns* 6 Classes 15. Yeast Goods Introduction to Yeast Goods – Theory of Bread, Whole Meal Seeded Loaf / Multi-grain / Loaf Bread, Focaccia, Grissini, English Mu ns, Doughnuts Soft Roll , Cinnamon Roll / Chelsea Bun, Brioche, Pizza-Calzone, Savarin / Baba, Savoury Mu ns, Scones, Corn Bread / Soda Bread, Naan, Paratha 28 ICCA / AP / V9.3 / 01 / 2022