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1. Definition: 1.1 For the purpose of these conditions of enrolment, the commencement of registration means: The first day of registration for the course in which the student is enrolled. 2. Validity of Course Programs: 2.1 The ICCA Dubai Diploma Program registration is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of the first course start date as reserved. In case of deferment, the remainder of the course can be completed full time, with a regular batch, subject to availability of a seat, or part-time with the weekend batch, as may be. All classes must be completed within the given period, beyond which the program would be considered cancelled and all fees thereof forfeited. 2.2 Discontinuation and Re-joining a Program : a. Those who discontinue their program midway can re-join another group within the validity period and continue their classes until completion. . Only one such request will be accepted, and any further change will be charged as a make-up class. 2.3 Extension of Course Validity a. Validity of a Registration can be extended only for a period of One Year after the Validity Lapse Date. b. Re-registration is done on payment of a Re-registration Fees of AED 2,000. c. Re-registration must be done within Three Months of the Course Lapse Date, as after this date, the validity of registration cannot be extended. 2.4 Attempting to take a course after the lapse of Extended Validity a. After the lapse of the Extended Validity, any request for taking the course will be treated as a New Registration. b. Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL for examinations and attendance may be o ered only within One Year of the Course Lapse Date. This procedure is to ensure that the knowledge certified is Current and Valid. 2.5 Make-up Classes Those who miss attending classes in the course initially enrolled can avail themselves the opportunity to make up the classes missed, as under - Conditions of Enrollment (Please read before you sign the application form) 40 ICCA / AP / V9.3 / 01 / 2022