Prospectus - Amateur

a. Booking Classes - i. Makeup Classes can be booked upon payment of Admin Fees of AED 100 per request, plus AED 100 for every Class Session booked under a given request. ii. Such classes will be scheduled with other regular groups of the same program. b. Change in Schedule - i. Any further change in schedule will be charged AED 100, and if such request for a change is made after the given booking date, then the fees paid towards the classes previously booked will be forfeited. c. Non-Attendance - i. Classes booked and missed will be forfeited. 3. Course Fees: 3.1 All course fees may be paid in AED / USD by Cash, Cheque, Credit/ Debit Card or by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), to the o cial ICCA Dubai account, whichever is convenient. 3.2 The course / composite package o er (CPO) fees as per the Option Plan selected are payable in full, to be paid before the commencement of the course or by way of a payment plan in instalments with date-confirmed post-dated cheques. a. Three instalments in the case of Regular (Full-time) Programs are allowed. b. Four instalments in the case of the Weekend (Part-time) Programs are allowed. 3.3 ICCA Dubai will not be responsible for any money paid to any representatives or other individuals not formally authorised by ICCA Dubai. 3.4 All bank transfer charges and other incidental charges, as may be applicable, are payable extra, in actual, by the candidate. 3.5 Cheque Recall / Return: Please note a charge of AED 500 is payable if a cheque is recalled from the bank or is returned due to insu cient funds or any other reasons. a. If the returned / unpaid cheque is not paid / settled within 10 working days of being returned / unpaid, then the course will automatically stand cancelled. b. In the case of Cancellation of Course due to Non-Payment or lapse of validity, a Re-Registration Fee AED 5,000 is to be paid towards Re-Registration into the Course. In this case, the validity of the course is extended by 1 year from the first date of validity. 41 ICCA / AP / V9.3 / 01 / 2022