Prospectus - Amateur

4. Cancellation and Refunds: 4.1 The Course Fees for the Amateur Program will be refunded only in the following circumstances, if: a. ICCA Dubai cancels the course in which the student is enrolled. In this case, ICCA Dubai will refund the Course Fees on a pro rata basis; b. ICCA Dubai receives written notice of cancellation of Enrolment from the student at least 28 days before the first day of the course. Note: In the event that enrolment is cancelled by the student, ICCA Dubai will retain 25% of the Course Fees towards administrative costs. 4.2 Refunds will only be transferred through normal banking channels to the person who paid the course fees in their source country, e.g., if the financial sponsor of the student has paid the course fees, the refund will only be transferred to their bank account in their home country. 4.3 ICCA Dubai will refund approved amounts within 8 weeks after receiving a written claim from the student. 4.4 The Course Fees for the Amateur Program will NOT be refunded in the following circumstances, if: a. The student cancels their enrolment less than 28 days prior to the course commencement. b. The student discontinues the course for any reason after the commencement of the course program. c. The course start date is deferred or the course is cancelled due to unforeseeable events or unavoidable circumstances, such as Acts of God and not limited to natural disasters, epidemics or pandemics, war, fire, among others, and directives issued by UAE Governing bodies. d. The Course or Course Fees are not transferrable. 5. Course Program and Class Plans 51 Menu plans of one Course program are not interchangeable with the Menu plans of another Course Program. In short, any kind of combination of course plans or activities is not permissible. 5.2 Items listed within a class plan menu are not changeable. 6. Standard Operating Procedures, Class Schedules, Code of Conduct and Rights: 6.1 Students are requested to read the Amateur Program – Procedures and Policies, provided upon request at the time of enrolment. 6.2 Kindly adhere to the class time schedules. 42 ICCA / AP / V9.3 / 01 / 2022