Pizza for the Professional

Authentic Italian Artisan Pizza Making...


This course is especially designed for entrepreneurs looking to learn the art of Authentic Italian Pizza making from the Italian Pizza Masters themselves.

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Here are a few stories of our students, who took their first steps by joining ICCA, and are today living their dreams…

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Tony Hajj

Consultant Chef


"I just love eating pizza, I was always curious on how to make a real good one. When I took the course in ICCA, I didn’t expect how hand-on the chefs and classes were. It was all well organized and really worth it. Now I can make my own real Pizza."

Sherif Artisan Pizza Enthusiast
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Rajah Dagstani

Aspiring Pizzaiolo

Abu Rashan

"The class was great and informative, the Chefs were really good. It's good that the chefs are coming straight from Italy because you really get to know how to make an authentic Italian Pizza."

Abu Rashan Artisan Pizza Enthusiast

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At the ICCA Dubai, we are committed to helping you in every step of your journey, so you can achieve a successful future in the field of Authentic Italian Pizza making…

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