Egg & Mushroom Wraps packed with Mediterranean flavours from oregano, black olives, mozzarella cheese, and sun-dried tomato paste, is a perfect power-packed option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


Recipe Card

Ingredients Quantity
US Eggs 4 nos
Mushrooms 80 gm
Black olive 1 tbsp
Dried Parsley 1 tsp
Garlic granules 1 tsp
Sun-dried tomato paste 30 gm
Tortilla 2 nos
Salt & Pepper To taste


Method of Preparation: 

  • Break the eggs and mix it with garlic, parsley and seasoning.
  • Slice the mushrooms and black olives and keep aside.
  • Spread the sundried tomato paste on top of the tortilla bread evenly.
  • Heat a pan and pour the egg mixture swirling evenly on all sides.
  • Place the sliced mushrooms and the black olives on top of the omelettes
  • Cover the omelette with the tortilla bread the spread facing down.
  • Flip the omelette and remove from pan.
  • Roll the tortilla bread with the omelette and serve hot.


About the Contributor

Rusafeeda Sulaiman

An avid food lover, Professional chef and ICCA Alumna.


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