Soft and flavourful boat-shaped cheese bread from Georgia with a runny egg centre is sure to win your heart and palate.

Recipe Card

Ingredients Quantity
Flour 300 gm
Instant yeast 1 tbsp
Salt 0.5 tsp
Sugar 1 tsp
Veg. Oil 40 ml
Water 120 ml
For the Cheese Filling
Mozzarella cheese (grated) 150gm
Paneer cheese (grated) 100gm
Cheddar cheese (grated) 100gm
Flour 1tbsp
Water 30ml

Method of Preparation: 

  • Knead the dough until smooth and elastic consistency
  • Form the ball, cover with clean film and place in proofer at 35C for 25-30 min. or room temperature for 45-50 min. until double in volume.
  • Knockback and place back to proofer for another 15-20min.
  • Cut the dough into two pieces, cover and let rest at room temperature for 10 min.
  • Shape each ball into a canoe shape, place cheese filling in, brush the surface with water and bake 20-25 min at 200C with steam on water injection.
  • Before fully baked take Khachapuri out, break one egg in the middle and finish baking until golden colour. Serve hot.


Chef Maia Tsakanova

Baking has always been a passion for Maia from her childhood which made her pursue a career in the culinary industry as a pastry chef. From a home baker to a Head Pastry Chef at hotels and production houses such as Marriott, TGP Group, and Pro Bake, she has done it all to learn and improve her skills & knowledge.

Her career highlight includes working under the Michelin starred chef Thomas Muller in Georgia as a Head Pastry Chef which pushed her to go further and explore more in the world of patisserie.

Being trained by several renowned French pastry chefs in French patisserie along with her fourteen years of experience working in different sectors of the industry has helped her gain immense knowledge in the world of sugar and butter which she is now sharing with the students at ICCA Dubai as a Pastry Chef Instructor.