Food blogs have now become the new version of our good old cookbooks, and bloggers the emerging food critics or writers in the culinary world. People nowadays find it convenient referring to a blog than a book for any sort of information, and it’s not any different when it comes to food. Today, many food lovers have taken blogging seriously and some have even chosen it as their career.

In the earlier days, food write-ups used to be only a part of magazine or newspaper columns. The articles back then were too formal and straight to the point. However, things have changed now. Thanks to the Internet, today we have blogs and websites along with the print media, dedicated exclusively to food. This is a whole new territory open to the foodies who want to be a part of the culinary industry without having to be working in the kitchen.

It’s an extremely rewarding profession as you are living your passion every day creating and sharing what excites you with the world in the digital space. Here the work is not monotonous and you enjoy what you’re doing. That is why most of the cooking enthusiasts take up blogging as their career path.

Having said that, it is important to mention that passion for great food and creating top-notch content with the same is not enough to become a successful blogger. Today, bloggers write about everything from recipes to industrial food productions/events that are heavy on quality content which demands a lot more than just passion.

It’s one thing to do it as a hobby but taking it as a career is a whole new ball game. Knowing food and having the flair for writing is the most important factors if you consider becoming a food blogger on a serious note. A little bit of professional training in food production and industry exposure will help you build your blogging career on a strong foundation leading to greater heights.

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Today, a food blogger is not just a blogger he/she is known as a Food Influencer whose opinion is highly valued in the industry. Although their job sounds fun & fancy it is not limited to the regular online activities; it includes a great deal of socializing within the industry, experiencing new cuisines & eateries, catching up with fellow influencers, interacting with their followers through all the possible digital mediums, attending food events & exhibits, and most importantly they should be a good cook/baker as well. Again, like in any other profession, success doesn’t happen overnight it takes its own sweet time when things are done right with some genuine hard & smart work.

Here at ICCA Dubai, there are many who have made it big in the world of blogging after the completion of their professional training with us. If you think you have what it takes for, keep in mind that a professional qualification is a solid foundation that will validate your opinions as an influencer taking your career to greater heights in a comparatively shorter period of time.

Check out a real story of a real Foodpreneur at The ICCA Dubai, Malavika Raghavan. This is her journey from an aspiring entrepreneur to a successful business owner!

Do you feel inspired by Malavika's story and wish to start your journey? Then equip yourself with the right set of hands-on skills and knowledge to turn your food blog into a career! 

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