Franklin Clarence Mars, sometimes known as Frank C. Mars, was an American business magnate who founded the food company Mars, Incorporated in June 1911. Mars' son Forrest Edward Mars developed M&M's and the Mars bar.

Frank Mars learned to hand-dip chocolates at a young age; in 1911, he began selling chocolate from his kitchen in Tacoma, Washington. The family made the first chocolate nougat, setting the foundation for Milky Way Bars and Snickers. However, Forrest Sr fell out with his father and in 1932, he was given the recipe for the Milky Way Bar to start his own business.

The Mars family sits on top of a delicious empire.

They’re the heirs to the chocolate throne that is Mars Inc, maker of Snickers, Mars Bars, Milky Way Bars, Twix, M&M’s, and more – not to mention a portfolio of PetCare products (Pedigree/Whiskas), drinks, and chewing gum, among others.

During World War 2, M&M's were only meant for soldier rations.

Snickers were named after the Mars family's favourite horse of that time.

Back in 2007, Mars got into a dustup with vegetarians in the United Kingdom because of animal rennet in their confections.

Mars also owns Uncle Ben's rice and has been trying to erase the rather controversial racial roots.

The Reesee's Pieces in the iconic film ET were to be M&M's but the Mars company declined. (Someone at Hershey's is still gloating over the acquisition of a lifetime).

M&M's stands for Mars and Murrie. Referring to Forrest Mars (the son of the founder of Mars, Frank Mars) and Bruce Murrie (the son of longtime Hershey President William Murrie). M&M’s are the most common chocolate in space and were included in the Space Shuttle Columbia. 

Mars has been in the news for the wrong reason because of its chocolate buying practices from very poor countries that use child labour.

Nicknamed “the Kremlin”, the Mars Inc headquarters are based in Virginia suburbs and have been described as “secretive” and “anonymous”.

Today, four business segments comprise Mars Inc: Petcare, Mars, Wrigley Confectionery, food and edge.

Mars Inc says it can attribute its success to the five principles that Pamela Mars (one of Mars Jr's daughters) called the bedrock of the company: quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency and freedom.