Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Fast Food Chain 

If you were to ask the average McDonald's customer who founded the fast-food empire, there's a very likely possibility that they'd answer "Ray Kroc." But the truth is, it was brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald who truly were the fast-food restaurant's founders — even though they're not the ones with their likenesses etched into plaques on the restaurant's walls.

The brand has come a long way!

A new McDonald's opens every 14.5 hrs

Their Caesar Salad is more fattening than their Hamburger

McDonald's is the world's largest toy distributor

How many people eat at McDonald's every day? More than the entire population of the UK!

The Holy Cross or the McD arch: the arch is more recognisable!

The Queen of England owns a McDonalds.Playing it safe😁

Bill Gates gets free food there. He can't afford it😁. No, because he has a McDonald's Gold Card

Their first-ever item on the menu was a hot dog.

Maybe someday we can all aspire to be like Bill Gates and never have to pay a dime for a Big Mac 😁😁!