On Keto diet and miss your desserts? What if we tell you that you can have some cheesecake even when you’re following a Ketogenic diet? Yes, you heard that right! The keto version of cheesecake is easier to make than you think, and it doesn’t need a lot of ingredient substitutes to make it keto-friendly.

The rich and comforting creaminess of a Cheesecake makes it an ideal keto-friendly dessert if you make it sugar and gluten-free.  Whether you serve it plain, just like the classic New York Cheesecake, or dress up with berries, either way, there are plenty of takers for a cheesecake.

The Keto Cheesecake recipe that we are discussing here has a Mediterranean touch with a hint of heavenly aromatic saffron giving it a beautiful colour and flavour.

Nutritional Value of Ingredients

  • Cream cheese is about 34% fat and 6% protein making it ideal for keto diet followers. Hence if you’re craving some dessert while on a keto diet, you know which one to go for.
  • Sour cream is a fermented dairy product that is high in healthy fats and loaded with vitamins and minerals.
  • Almond is high in healthy calories and fats that your body needs. Also, almonds as whole or as the flour will take care of your 35% of Vitamin E, 20% magnesium and 6% of both iron and calcium requirements for a day.
  • Coconut flour made of dried coconuts is rich in fibre and MCT’s

Almond Flour

The calorie content of half a cup of almond flour is comparatively higher than that of whole wheat flour, but they are the healthy calories that your body needs and is also high in good fats. Also, almonds as whole or as the flour will take care of your 35% of Vitamin E, 20% magnesium and 6% of both iron and calcium requirements for a day. It is also a fair source of protein and fibre if you aim to consume it regularly.

Recipe Card:

Ingredient Quantity
For the Base
Almond powder 200 gm
Coconut flour 40 gm
Butter 180 gm
Baking powder 1 tsp
Salt ½ tsp
Erythritol 2 tbsp
For Cream Cheese Mixture
Cream Cheese 480 gm
Sweetener 50 gm
Lemon zest 5 gm
Vanilla essence 5 gm
Saffron 3 gm
All-purpose flour 20 gm
Whole eggs 100 gm
Egg yolk 20 gm
Sour Cream 50 gm


Method of Preparation:

For the Base

  • Mix the almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, erythritol and salt together until all the ingredients are combined well.
  • Cut the cold butter up into small chunks, and add it to the dry ingredients.
  • Press the butter into the dry ingredients by using two forks.
  • Cake tin, line the bottom inserts with baking paper, grease the inside with butter and press the base mixture into the bottom of the tin.

For the Filling

  • Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Cover baking rings with baking paper and aluminium foil.
  • Pour it into the base.
  • Place the mould in a double boiler and bake at 120 c


Chef Sally Handoko

Sally Handoko is a popular name in the Dubai culinary industry. She started her career in the Four Seasons in Indonesia and edged into the pastry kitchen. From a very young age itself, Sally was fond of baking cakes and it was only natural for her to choose baking over cooking. Her passion for learning more and her love for world-class patisserie led her way to Dubai after working in Indonesia for a few years.

In Dubai, Sally worked with JW Marriot, Fairmont, and The Conrad before her current position with ICCA Dubai as a Pastry Chef Instructor. She left the kitchen at the peak of her career as an Executive Pastry Chef to pursue her long term interest in teaching. Despite her successful position in the kitchen hierarchy, Sally always wanted to develop her career as a culinary instructor so that she could share knowledge and inspire the next round of professionals in the field.