A very unique appetizer that originally comes from Northern European countries, Viking sashimi of its sort. It has more delicate flavour than smoked salmon and can be served in various ways, especially a great starter for any house party. 

Recipe Card 


Salmon Fillet

250 – 300 g

Black Pepper, crushed

1 tbsp
Coriander seeds, crushed

1 tbsp

Sea salt, coarse

60 g
Dill, fresh

15 g

Rosemary, fresh

15 g (3-4 sprigs)

20 g

Method of Description: 

  • Prepare all the ingredients
  • Rinse salmon fillet with water, dry with kitchen towels. Place it skin side up on cutting boards and make a few deep vertical cuts with a knife (as you see in the picture)
  • Finely chop dill
  • Pick leaves from rosemary springs
  • Combine dill, rosemary leaves, salt, pepper, sugar and coriander seeds in a bowl and mix well
  • Prepare a tray or a bowl with a lid that can be sealed hermetically. Or a food container
  • Layer 1/3 of our mixture at the bottom of the container/tray
  • Place salmon filet skin side down in the container and layer the remaining mixture from the bowl on top of it. Make sure it covers the salmon fillet completely. Press it down a bit
  • Close the lid of the container, make sure its sealed hermetically. Place the container in the refrigerator for 48 hours
  • Drain the liquid every 12 hours
  • After 48 hours have passed, take out the salmon and rinse it with water
  • Dry the salmon with a paper kitchen towel. It's ready to be cut and served
  • You may eat it however you like, add it to salads or prepare appetizers with it. We like to make small appetizers with bread, cream cheese, dill and salmon gravlax pieces on top, it's just delicious!


Evgeny and Alisa Belousov

We both share a passion for cooking and especially enjoy cooking together. For us, it is more than just about food. It’s about sharing creative ideas, communicating and expressing ourselves through our culinary creations.

We believe that anyone can cook and this idea helped us start our culinary project – Delicious Artisanal Food. We hope to inspire other people, even those who never cooked before, to take the first step and begin this wonderful journey of cooking home-made delicious quality meals. The best food is the food made with love and by people we love.

At first, we learned from the internet and culinary books, we also took cooking classes whenever we travelled, discovering different food cultures and ingredients. But we thought that it was not enough and recently we joined ICCA Dubai to gain professional cooking skills and challenge ourselves.

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