In the space of culinary arts, competitions play a crucial part since they continually raise the standards of culinary excellence. In short, there can be no better way for an ambitious chef to perfect their craft and showcase their skills in a competition. And one of the most prestigious and coveted international titles is that of the Global Chefs Challenge Champion.

The Global Chefs Challenge 2022 was held alongside the Worldchefs Congress 2022 in Abu Dhabi.with this competition being unique since chefs from 18 countries competed for the coveted title.

One of the most intense parts of a competition of this magnitude is the cook-off with each chef bringing their own style and flair to the table. For these chefs, this was not a platform to merely compete but also to showcase their skills and be judged on the highest international level. The competitors were required to complete a 4-course menu within 5 hours, and the judging panel comprised around 21 senior Chef judges, that scored the dishes based on the criteria that included timing, taste, innovation, cooking techniques, plating, kitchen management, and zero wastage, among others.

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Chef Marco Tomasi  walked away with the top honors in the senior category of the Global Chef Challenge in Abu dhabi, beating Michael Andersson of Sweden, and Leong Wei Ming of Singapore.

Talking about his big win, Chef Marco was all praise for his teammate Tommaso Bonseri Capitani and the Italian team comprising General Manager Gianluca Tomasi, Team manager Pier Luca Ardito and Junior Team Chef Angelo Biscotti, and the president of the Italian Chefs Federation, Rocco Pozzulo. Said he, “We are ecstatic about our victory. We have been practicing for a while now, and I’m really glad that all our hard work has finally paid off!”

For ICCA Dubai, the global chef challenge contest proved to provide some highly cherishable memories; firstly, a select batch of student chefs was trained to support the contestants and judges; secondly, ICCA’s world-class facilities were also used by the Global Chef champion team from Italy for their practice session for this highly prestigious international competition.