Culinary career is all about passion and dedication. The ones who are fond of food and cooking, often have the highest chance of having job satisfaction if they decide to choose this career path. If done correctly, culinary career could be the most rewarding and fulfilling career you could pursue. Having said that, passion and dedication alone will not make you a great chef. However, if you are passionate about making a career in the culinary industry, professional culinary training and guidance can take you to greater heights in your professional life.

It’s for those aspiring chefs, we have compiled a list of some of the most important factors any budding chef should expect and be prepared for before joining a culinary school.

1. Be prepared to handle the intensity of work

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In a commercial/professional kitchen, things are much more intense than your home kitchen, and you can expect the same in your culinary school as well. You might be a good cook in the comfort of your home kitchen; however, in the school, you will get trained just like how it is done in the industry where everything will be even more difficult until you get used to the flow. That’s exactly why the school program is kept intense so that you are at ease in a professional kitchen when you’re ready to join the industry.

2. Get ready to deal with the pace

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Everything in the school Kitchen moves at a sprint-like pace just like how it works in a professional kitchen. Your movements, actions, reactions and even thinking should be fast enough to cope up with a busy kitchen atmosphere. Also, when in the kitchen, you’ll be expected to figure out everything quickly so ready to be on your toes.

3. No spoon feeding in the kitchen

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Let’s face it; in a professional kitchen, the chefs are quite strict & tough to maintain a proper workflow. Don't get it wrong, they are fun to work with but at the same time, they are good disciplinaries too. So, be ready to get yelled at for even the slightest of the mistakes you make and all they want to hear in return is “Yes Chef!” without any explanation because that’s how they prepare you for the industry.

4. You’ll know the power of teamwork

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Teamwork is the most important factor that helps run a kitchen efficiently. In each and every process you need your team to be with you to execute each day’s tasks smoothly. Amidst all the chaos in the kitchen you will always find the comfort of your team or batch members to support each other throughout the program, and regardless how tough the chefs would be they will be always around to give you all the support and motivation you need.

5. It’s all fun too

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No matter how intense or difficult the program is, there’s no doubt that you will get to have a lot of fun in the school. The events and the buffet preparations are not only hands-on learning experiences but are also a lot of fun to be a part of.

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