Have you ever wondered why we love chocolate the way we do? Intrigued much? Continue reading...

Chocolate is the only wonder food that doesn’t have any age constraints on it. You can be just as mad about it when you are sixty as you were when you were six.  It is something that is loved both by kids and adults equally and something that always puts a smile on your face. It plays with your mood and calms your senses, leaving you happy & relaxed. No wonder why chocolates are also deeply associated with love.  A food that is delicious, healthy and romantic as well- could it get any better?

Why We Love Chocolate the Way We Do2


Primarily, we love chocolate for its taste. It is rich and creamy with a melt in the mouth texture giving us a wonderful memory to hold on to until we taste it the next time. Chocolate satisfies our natural preference for sweets and the fact is that you really can’t argue with the joy of eating a good piece of chocolate. That is what this ambrosial food does to you.

In ancient times, Aztecs and Mayans used to consider chocolate a food worthy of the gods. Surprisingly enough, they used to consume it in its bitter form as a frothy drink mixed with chillies.

Coming to the feel-good factor of chocolate, if we have to explain it scientifically, we can say that it is the result of the brain releasing certain chemicals in response to the taste, smell, and feel of the chocolate.

Why We Love Chocolate the Way We Do3


Making it a little bit more specific, our brain release hormones such as endorphins and serotonin which are the feel-good hormones, and the same happens when we eat or smell chocolate. Well, now we know why chocolate is one of the most popular choices as gifts.

Today, for any occasion people prefer to gift chocolates with added flavours/ingredients or as it is, in various shapes and sizes. The addition of nuts, spices, caramel, coconut, etc. to chocolate not only elevates its flavours but also makes it an expensive deal. Then there comes the sophisticated variety of artisan chocolates which boasts of quality and class.

Artisan chocolates are handmade chocolate made with utmost care and delicacy. It is mostly made by all natural ingredients where the use of additives or artificial flavours is avoided to a great extent. Each one is created with designs and beautiful little artworks on it which are again done by hand.

Why We Love Chocolate the Way We Do4


The most important part of making artisan chocolate is that it gives you enough space to play with nothing but chocolate and create little bundles of joy out of them that imprints your creativity and art on every single piece of it.

If you’re a true chocolate lover, get your hands on to learning the delectable art of Artisan Chocolate Making to enjoy the best version of chocolate that you will ever have. Once you taste it, we bet you will find it impossible to stop at one. Truly ambrosial!