Joining the ranks of famous rivalries, the battle between waffles and pancakes has been a tightly-contested one. Floppy, soft and spongy, team pancakes surely do love their breakfast entrée. Thin, crispy and dense, waffles too have an undeniable fan-club. A stack of crunchy honey topped waffles or a pile of soft pancakes oozing melted butter and maple syrup; the choice might get tough!

Both waffles and pancakes use similar ingredients, but the difference lies in the increments, the cooking methods and results. Pancakes have the ability to cradle heaps of butter and syrup and many other toppings, but they aren’t as crusty as their rival. Waffles are crisp on the outside and light on the inside. However, they contain a higher percentage of sugar and more fats than pancakes. They also contain more eggs to help make them lighter.

Coming to the shape, pancakes are usually round. You can cook them without any mould, spooning or pouring batter onto the hot griddle. The consistency of the batter and the amount that you use will alter the size of the pancakes you make, while the shape of the waffle depends entirely on the form of the waffle iron. Pancakes are now made in many shapes, more like an art. Waffles can be made into 3D structures. And so the battle continues...

You can drag a flat Pancake all the way across your plate to soak up syrup. For waffles, the advantage remains that the pockets can hold the syrup really well. While you can add-in to the Pancake batter chocolate chips or fruits (fresh or dry), the Waffle on the other can be topped with savouries and it can go with chicken or can be made into waffle fries too.

Of course, there is got to be only one winner, but culinarians remember that it is what you make of it that holds value! So be it a crispy waffle or fluffy pancake, learn from the experts at ICCA and settle the delicious war as you whip up best of both the worlds for you and your guests. Make the choice of decision really hard for them!