Beetroot yoghurt Canapes are inspired by Mast-e-Laboo, a Persian yoghurt beetroot dip flavoured with mint and salt. In this recipe, small scoops of beetroot in yoghurt sauce are served on individual crackers and garnished with pistachios.

Recipe Card 


Boiled beetroot

200 gm

Fresh yoghurt

150 gm

Fresh mint

2 tbsp

Cracker biscuits

A required


To taste
Sliced pistachio

For garnish

Method of Preparation:

  • Peel the beetroot and scoop small pearls/balls with a melon baller (small size).
  • In a separate glass bowl add beaten yoghurt, beetroot balls, chopped mint and salt, and mix it gently.
  • In a serving plate place some cracker biscuits, take half tbsp of the above mixture of beetroot and yoghurt, and gently spread it on individual crackers and garnish with a couple of pistachio slices.
  • Serve it fresh before the crackers get soggy.


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Suunil Murudkar 

Assistant Chef Instructor, ICCA Dubai, and a serious food enthusiast.

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