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Hospitality Industry

From the ancient times, the hot water baths designed by the Greeks for relaxation and rejuvenation, to the accommodation provided by the Romans to travelers with comfort and entertainment in mind, let alone hospitality careers, the Hospitality Industry has since come a long way.

And today, in a world that is getting robotized in a lot of sectors, there are a few industries that thankfully will always need the human touch, with the Hospitality Industry definitely being one of them. Whether you are out for weekend fun, at a business meeting, attending a seminar or a workshop, sailing the seas and globe-trotting with your family or friends, experiencing a new cuisine, or simply just putting your feet up at a Spa nearby; the focus is on creating unparalleled experiences that meet or exceed consumer expectations.

The steady innovations and the yardsticks set by the industry leaders keep the environment dynamic and evolving, as the disruptors are constantly being challenged to surpass the benchmarks to serve and delight the global community of travelers and pleasure seekers.

The Perks and its Global Demand as a Career

ICCA Students

Of the many hospitality careers that you can opt for in this industry, a highly regarded profession these days is that of a Professional Chef...

Chefs these days are not merely people who opt for the career because they aren’t good at any other, but because they are masters at the art and science of food. A chef needs to be good as a manager too, taking charge of the kitchen and the people working under him. The responsibilities of chefs are varied, depending on what level of hierarchy in the kitchen they work. 

Beginning at the Commis level where you would learn a range of skills in each area of the kitchen, one can work their way up to the Head Chef, where the responsibility will entail updating and planning menus, inspecting ingredients, supervising the kitchen staff, planning & executing budgets, and handling all issues related to the kitchen. And the growth does not end there. One can still move up the ladder to Group Executive Chef or the Culinary Director of a Group of Hotels or Restaurants. 

The industry is hungry for people who have the proper culinary training, hands-on experience, and the passion to serve.

As a Chef one can work at several places – Hotels, Restaurants, Catering companies, Cruise lines, Corporate kitchens, Airlines, in the Royal kitchens, Government Institutions, Lounges, Country Clubs, as a Brand Chef, etc. Some even get to work as personal chefs to sportspeople and celebrities, and travel the world along with their clients wherever they go!

Besides the free food and drinks, a chef also enjoys the usual benefits of a salaried employee such as annual paid leaves, gratuity, insurance, etc depending on the company they work for. Senior and experienced chefs earn a good amount of money, sometimes making even more than engineers and doctors having the same number of years of experience. 

An Executive or Head Chef could quite easily earn between $60,000 and $1,00,000 a year!

Chef Asrar Ahmed, An ICCA Alumnus...
The Head Pastry Chef at the Shangri-la, Qatar.

A Recipe for Success

The Hospitality Industry is one that will always keep you on your toes, and it comes with its fair share of perks and advantages too. A career in Hospitality is as rewarding as it is challenging. It is hard work no doubt, but at the same time, this is one field where you get instant gratification and feedback, which is very fulfilling...

Start your career by jumping-in, getting exposure, and gaining hands-on experience in the industry through the internationally recognised Professional Diploma Program at the ICCA Dubai.

Your Safety and Wellbeing, Assured

The proactiveness of the UAE's leadership in the management of the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in the absolute containment of the pandemic in the country, along with the top of the line facilities offered, making it one of the safest countries in the world to live in during these uncertain times.

Your safety and wellbeing are paramount for us. Hence, we at the ICCA Dubai have enforced all the COVID-19 prevention & precautionary measures and protocols in line with the latest directives from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai, and here are some of the standard practices that are strictly followed at the ICCA Dubai on a daily basis -

  • Temperature Monitoring
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  • Personal Protective Equipment such as Masks, Gloves, and Facial Visors, and Hygiene practices are strictly enforced and monitored for everyone’s safety.
  • The Disinfection of premises

As the fear of COVID recedes and life bounces back, we are here to make sure you are safe, secure, and confident as you embark on your culinary learning journey...