“Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!” – C. JoyBell C

Yes, that’s true. Nowadays, there’s barely any occasion that doesn’t call for a cake cutting ceremony to be a part of it.  In the earlier days, cakes were only meant for birthdays and weddings but today, every other celebration demands for a custom made cake to grace the occasion. Whether it’s a birthday or a success party, cakes seem to have carved a permanent niche for them.

Cakes being an inevitable part of celebrations, people are taking a keen interest in learning the art of baking and decorating the same. For the home bakers, it’s not just a hobby anymore but the satisfaction & joy of creating something that is artistically beautiful and out of the ordinary that drives them into learning this. People who are naturally creative take their cakes to a whole new level of art. However, being creative is not everyone’s cup of tea, and as far as baking and decorating cakes are concerned, one’s personal interest is what matters the most than any inborn talent.

A cake could be baked by anyone who has a little patience and the enthusiasm to do it. You can learn how to bake and decorate a cake simply by following a tried and tested recipe and mastering the techniques. Learning the skills and techniques to become a Pro in baking doesn’t stress much on aptitude, although having a natural flair for culinary arts is always a cherry on the icing. It would help you make better cakes using the best of your imaginations, and it sure does play a vital role when you are experimenting with new combinations of ingredients.


Now, if you look at it from a customer point of view, it’s still a win-win situation. People prefer homemade cakes to the store-bought ones because home bakers usually concentrate on one order at a time taking care of the special needs and demands of the customer by paying attention to every little detail while creating it.  They also use good quality ingredients as every product they make has their signature on it. These are also some of the main reasons why they don’t mind even paying a fancy price for the home-baked cakes.

When it comes to baking entrepreneurship, it’s important to mention that the recent trends in cakes, the surge in popularity of celebrity chefs and their subsequent television shows have also encouraged many homemakers to turn into successful entrepreneurs, leading to a sudden boom in baking classes and workshops.

Women seem to have taken a liking for baking and selling customized cakes & desserts from the comfort of their home. Not only does this give them the comfort of time and place of their choice, but also a good source of income as well. There are many bakers who have started at home and have taken their businesses to greater heights.

Today, we are blessed with so many options to learn from all the necessary skills & techniques in baking. Culinary Schools such as ICCA Dubai offer a variety of patisserie programs and all you need to do is to select the program that suits you best and learn everything about baking on a professional level to begin your culinary journey.

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