We live in a world that is sugar and spice and all things nice...

Wow, really?

Is that what is crossing your mind as you read this? Well, to be honest the world does have its share of problems & crisis; and we have world leaders, groups, forums & the news talking about it all the time, but that is not what we want to get into now.

Let’s face it. For those of us not living in war raging streets, not vexed by poverty, not afflicted by mass hunger or an epidemic disease… for those of us who are privileged to be living in conditions that are stable, peaceful & prosperous… we are the victims of another kind of dilemma & debacle.

We the fortunate ones are the victims of our lifestyle.

Until a couple of years ago, when the word ‘consumerism’ had still not hit us when our grand-parents and their parents were not engulfed in the rat race that we face today, when life was a lot slower and easy-paced when bigger was not better and more was not always what brought merry; that was the time when the world was not plagued by the pressures we feel today.

Our entire culture, our families & we, our self are dominated by the demand of the changing face of the times today. Yes, we are living more luxuriously as compared to our grandparents, we are more tech-savvy, we travel more, we are surrounded by gizmos our ancestors could have not imagined, we party more, we eat more and we are also charmed by experiences that thrill us.

The price we pay goes beyond the monies we spend on the commodities and the worldliness we so enjoy.

We have actually become martyrs of our own whims & fancies. No kidding ourselves on this one. Times have changed and so has our priorities. What should have been on the top of our list is pushed way down & beyond for most of us.

The result is quite evident in what we see around us today. In our relationships, our work habits, our sleep cycles, our food preferences and most importantly our health.

Even for those of us who are mindful of not letting us go haywire and to the extremities of the frivolous & fancy temptations that are all around us and at all times, we still get unwillingly dragged into the cycle that is at times beyond our control. Sad but true!

For instance, even though we are aware of the harmful effects of microwaves around us and even though we may do our best to minimize its consequences on us, but there is certainly no way that we can avoid its presence in our lives completely.

So also for the depleting ozone layer, the climatic changes, the food harvest that we consume, the collective carbon foot-print that we produce, the rampant escalating demands of our work, families & society - are all factors that make a huge impact on our holistic wellness.

The world needs to go back to its primitive mode if we want to enjoy wellness in the true sense of the word. That’s not happening soon or anytime in the near future unless the world ends with a bang and restarts all anew. The best we can do for our wellbeing is to take charge and accountability towards our self and see in what best way can we alter our lifestyle to make our time on this planet worth our while.

Do you love yourself enough to change to a healthier lifestyle? When you do, you will discover that a lot of things around you begin to change for the better too.

You not only change your body, you change your mind and attitude too and that is like having a cherry on the cake and then getting to eat it too!!

We have done the research and made a slideshow on 'The Everyday Healthy Pyramid to lead a Healthy Lifestyle' below.


It is a fact that one of the most crucial parts of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet.  But, a very common misconception is that healthy food is bland and boring to eat, which is not always the case.