Director’s Message

ICCA Dubai … More than just a School!

The Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) Programs are of much value now and are gaining more relevance, as we move towards an era of a specialized economy that increasingly focuses on the importance of distinct Knowledge & Skills set required for quality execution of the work at hand.

This can be seen across the globe, as Governments around the world, are taking up tangible steps and initiatives that put the spotlight on developing a Skills-based Economy as the need of the hour.

With continuous innovation, absolute focus on application, world-class infrastructure, quality & standards, and outcome-driven initiatives for our professional, personal & artisanal programs, we at the ICCA remain committed to providing the opportunity for our students to realize their dreams.

Our glories, laurels, and triumphs are testimony about us striving for and staying true to our resolve of making an everlasting impact.

We dare to dream, do it differently, strive to excel and take pride in all that we do… Worldclass Culinary!

Mr. Sunjeh Raja
Director & CEO, International Centre for Culinary Arts – ICCA Dubai

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