Your Favourite Stay Home Recipes...

Ramadan Special!

Your opportunity to establish Visibility and drive Engagement, in what you Love doing most, Cook!


The International Centre for Culinary Arts - ICCA Dubai & Planet Eat TV, invite you to create content from your home on your mobile phones, around the concept of “My Favorite Stay Home Recipes - Ramadan Special” and share it with us, for the world to see!

ICCA Dubai and Planet Eat TV, together are working on producing some great content on home food, to help establish your visibility and drive engagement in what you love to do most, Cook!

With this in mind, we would like to encourage you to create content from your home on your mobile phones, around the concept of “My Favorite Stay Home Recipes - Ramadan Special” and share it with us. We will then shortlist and publish the best ones on the official social media channels of ICCA Dubai and Planet Eat TV.

For this, we would be looking for anything up to approx. 10-12 minutes long videos, which you would be filming yourself, making a simple staple recipe that you and your family would enjoy during this festive month of Ramadan.

Who can share the recipe?

We encourage all Food Enthusiasts and Professional Chefs alike to grab this opportunity to share their favourite stay home recipes for the world to see. Here, we advise you to choose a simple staple recipe that you and your family would normally enjoy during this festive month of Ramadan.

How to share your favourite stay home recipe with us?

Once you have shot, edited and finalized your favourite recipe, all you need to do is:

1. Upload it on your Facebook Profile or Page, Instagram or IGTV, LinkedIn Profile or Page and tag the official social media handles of ICCA Dubai and Planet Eat TV along with the hashtags #iccadubai and #PlanetEatTV.

2. Share your post via DM (Direct Message) to ICCA Dubai on the platform of your choice -


Instagram: @iccadubai

LinkedIn: @iccadubai

The content creators of the shortlisted recipes will then be contacted to help guide them on how they can share their recipe video file, recipe card and other details to feature it on all the official social media channels of ICCA Dubai & Planet Eat TV, The ICCA Food Post and the soon to launch, ICCA Daily - The ICCA Morning Post.

Guidelines for Home Filming

1. Filming on a phone camera, ideally any phone that has a functioning back camera filming at a minimum of 12MP (this can be anything from an iPhone 7 upwards or a Samsung S8 upwards). If you do not have experience with cameras, then please stick to AUTO for your exposure, or else set your camera to 1920 x 1080 (HD) in your camera settings which can either be found in your phone settings.

Iphone settings   Iphone settings  Iphone settings  Iphone settings   Iphone settings  

2. Please film using the back camera.

3. Please make sure your lens is clean. If you have a microfibre cloth / glasses cloth, use it to wipe the lens of your camera prior to filming.

4. Place your phone on airplane mode and disable all alarms that may go off during your filming. Make sure your phone is fully charged and has enough memory space to film your full recipe.

Chef Fran  

5. Please film with the camera placed in the landscape (horizontal) position. In the example image of Chef Fran, a selfie stick has been used to prop-up the camera. This is not a requirement as different tools can be used to achieve a steady shot - get creative!

Mobile phone video shooting  

Alternatively, you could also use your DSLR Camera as well.

6. When it comes to lighting, the cameras on the phone list mentioned above have pretty reliable sensors, especially if you have natural light coming in from a window. If you do not have a window, simply opening a door from a light area will make a big difference. Ideally, you do not want harsh or fluctuating light. Hence, positioning the camera away from direct light means that you, the subject, will be clear and seen.

7. When it comes to framing, there are a few important points to keep in mind. Make sure you are seen, ideally from the front throughout, at the same time we want to see the cooking area you are using and the ingredients you have prepared for the recipe (see the image below). If you need to cook in a separate area (use the stove / oven that may not be in view), consider stopping the video and setting up in a different place with the same framing principles in mind.

Chef Fran cooking  

8. Because you will be filming at your home, it is expected that the set up will be homey and cozy. However, please try and work on clean surfaces without unnecessary clutter. Take a picture before you start filming and carefully look through the image, note what pulls your eye away from the main prep area and consider whether it needs to be moved or not. Feel free to use whatever area you have available (if you have access to an outdoor space or need to prep on a dining room table).

9. As far as sound is concerned, you will be relying on the inbuilt microphone on your mobile. Hence, speak clearly & slowly and avoid external audio interference.

Things to Avoid

1. Over-complicated recipes, keep it simple and relatable for the viewers at home.

2. Standing too far from the camera, this will mean that the viewers may not be able to see what you are doing clearly or may not be able to hear what you are saying.

3. Cluttered surfaces, as mentioned, keep it simple and have everything you need nearby but comfortably spaced.

Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to us via email on [email protected].

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