Work Experience Placement Program (WEP)

ICCA Dubai Placements


The Industry exposure that is mandatory provides Student Chefs with valuable ‘hands-on’ involvement in the industry working environment through the course & training. Work Experience Placement (WEP), which is optional, follows the 620 hours of a training program and helps provide student chefs with experience of the industry by way of paid work experience and paves the way for further career opportunities.


Career and Opportunities


As a graduate from the International Centre for Culinary Arts, Dubai, one will be eligible for our Hospitality Jobs - Work Experience Placement (WEP) program. ICCA Dubai’s extensive network with the hospitality industry in the region and the Cruise Line Industry internationally provides students an opportunity to launch their career in the Hospitality, Restaurant and Cruise Line Industry Internationally.


The Work Experience Placement follows the 620 hours of intensive on-campus guided learning and training. 


This program provides student chefs with valuable exposure in the industry working environment by way of a paid work experience placement.  Here the student chefs can apply their knowledge & skills gained in training.  Such industrial work experiences help increase a student chef’s further skilled employment & other international opportunities.


The hospitality job industry in Dubai is extensive, with the establishment of most leading international hotel chains and it also features some of the best luxury hotels in the world. The Food Industry is very competitive and highly discerning, with most international retail food concepts and specialty restaurants from the world over established here.


ICCA Dubai WEP Program Selection Process & Salary Package Offered


ICCA Dubai provides coordination & support for the first WEP Program on a ‘No Cost Basis,' for the Commis Chef (III, II or I) levels in the UAE / GCC Countries or as Asst. Cooks on leading international cruise lines.


The WEP process and position are subject to the successful completion of the course program and the aptitude, attitude & the skills set demonstrated by the candidate at the placement interviews, trade tests and clearing the associated age, visa, statutory & medical conditions.


Placement for the WEP Program is arranged by way of on-campus Interviews. The placement contracts are directly agreed to, between the candidates and the Human Resources (HR) Department of the respective employing companies.


WEP for Advanced Diploma Program


The Advanced Diploma Work Experience Placement (WEP) will be offered only to those students who have previously completed the Level 2 Diploma program from ICCA Dubai and the positions offered will be in line with the aptitude, attitude and skills set demonstrated by the candidate at the placement interviews.


Employment on International Cruise Lines


Selections for the said recruitment are conducted by the Human Resources / Authorised Recruitment Representative of the Cruise Line, based on the culinary skills, knowledge & aptitude demonstrated and meeting the medical requirements & cruise line country specific security risk assessment.


ICCA Dubai students are currently placed on International Cruise lines such as: 


The Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) USA

Oceania Cruises, USA

Celebrity Cruises, USA

Thompson Ships, UK


Apart from the International Cruise Lines, some of the finest Hotels where ICCA Dubai graduates are placed at:









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