Smart Trained Talent. Commis that you will Love in your Kitchen...

A warm hello, this is Shagufta, the People Development Specialist & Placement Manager at the ICCA Dubai.

I am sure you will agree that recruiting new Team Members and more so ensuring that you are investing in the right person is the #1 concern for any organisation. Getting the best resource shall always remain the top priority for any company.

Driven by our focus that ascertains that you are getting the Right Commis for your kitchen, Smart Trained Talent... Commis that you will Love in your Kitchen is a monthly series that I will be sharing with you, highlighting the attributes that are an absolute must for any new person wanting to work in the kitchen of today.

In the first of the series #1 Food Safety and Kitchen Hygiene, I talk about how we start with imparting the Basic Fundamentals to our student chefs, such that it is ingrained and becomes part of their daily routine.

Are you running or working with any food establishment?

Then it is your moral duty and responsibility towards the customers, to provide them not only with delicious, wholesome & nutritious food, but also food that is safe for them to consume.

Kitchen hygiene and food safety play a key role that impacts not only the reputation of the hotel/ restaurant but also the health of its loyal patrons.

One of the main requisites to ensure Food Safety and Kitchen Hygiene is to have strong and efficient Standard Operating Procedures in place and then an equally impeccably trained staff to follow and carry out those procedures in all earnest. If chefs don't work clean, people can get sick.

With the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) being implemented and forged in all major food establishments here in the UAE, one would think that all eateries would have a comprehensive food safety system in place.

Think again!

Is food safety and kitchen hygiene justified by only a piece of paper that certifies the eatery as being HACCP compliant, or is it the food handlers who are naturally mindful and conscientious of the necessary precautions when being around food that actually define real Food Safety and Kitchen Hygiene?

It is the latter... no brainer that one.

Things like temperature control, state of food while receiving and storing, storage areas, equipment's being in good working condition, being aware of things that could lead to cross contamination, cooking in the right manner, being aware of allergens, the working environment, clean as you go, counter-tops and appliance sanitization, proper garbage disposal and a whole lot of other things.

Proper hands-on training of the highest standards, well sustained practice to help understand and grout the concepts better about proper hygiene and safety is what makes all the difference not only to the quality of food being served but also impacts the reputation of the eatery.

Food for thought- Are the food handlers in your establishment doing the right thing at all times?

Next month I will be highlighting another important aspect of chef training at ICCA Dubai, centering on quality, consistency and creating an unparalleled customer experience which ultimately translates to a successful venture.

Do let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to know about and I will be happy to do a write-up on the same.

Look no further for smart trained talent as Commis Chefs for your Culinary Team...

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Shagufta Patel
People Development Specialist,
ICCA Dubai