Being a part of a culinary school, we have witnessed the rise of many successful food entrepreneurs who took their baby steps to the world of culinary at ICCA Dubai. However, someone joining the school to learn the culinary basics despite having a successful career in the food industry as a restaurant owner is not something we see that often.

We usually get students who are either aspiring chefs or entrepreneurs who want to get their fundamentals right to work towards their dream. So, when Mohammed Bineesh, the founder, and owner of Ustad Hotel, Dubai, came to join ICCA for the Professional Program, we were all curious to know why he wanted to take up a culinary program when he was already living his dream as the owner of multiple restaurant outlets.

For Bineesh, it has always been about his love for cooking even though he never had that many opportunities to do any actual cooking while growing up. He hails from a family where the kitchen is dominated by women and men are not encouraged to do the same. Coming from such a background, it was difficult for him to pursue a career in the culinary industry at that time. And now that he has become the proud owner of multiple restaurants with hard work and passion, it was time for him to fulfill that old dream of him learning to cook from a proper culinary school.

Bineesh began his professional journey as a hospital administrator soon after his graduation. However, he didn’t forget to take his love for cooking with him there. He started small in the culinary world with occasional small-scale catering along with the hospital job and grew that to a full-time catering business. His growth was fast but consistent because of his determination and hard work. It didn’t take much time for him to open up Ustad Hotel, his own restaurant that is popular among the Keralites in the UAE.

Currently, Bineesh owns 5 restaurants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi together, which include 3 outlets of Ustad Hotel and 2 Japanese restaurants.

We are glad we had someone like him as a student in ICCA because he was more than an inspiration to the young minds here. Bineesh is a perfect example of sustained passion and he has proved that wonders can happen when determination, hard-work, and passion come together.

Restaurateur and Culinary Student


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