Did you know that New Year has a tendency to turn even non-believers a bit superstitious when it comes to food and good luck? People from many parts of the world have New Year’s traditions revolving around food, which brings hopes and wishes true for the future.

Whether you are superstitious or not, you can always take a look at the popular celebratory eats given below. If it’s not about the luck, then at least you will go into the New Year with a content belly.

1. Fruits


In Spain and Mexico, there is a custom of eating a dozen grapes, one for each chime of the clock to mark the New Year at midnight. The grape ritual is believed to bring sweetness and fortune in the year ahead. These grapes represent the 12 months in a year and if any of it turns out to be sour then the respective month is predicted to be a challenging one.

Oranges, pomegranates, and watermelons are other fruits that are believed to symbolize wealth, coins & good luck for their colors and structure during New Years time in countries such as China, Vietnam, and Greece.

2. Beans


Black-eyed peas, green lentils, and black beans are said to bring fortune, money, and health if eaten on New Year’s Eve in certain parts of the world. In Italy, green lentils are believed to represent money which is often eaten with sausages. In Puerto Rico, the same is made as a combination with rice. Towards the south of U.S, Portugal, and Vietnam black-eyed peas are consumed as a New Year tradition not only to bring good fortune but humility as well. On the other side, in Japan, Black beans are considered to bring good health in the coming year.

3. Greens


Green is the colour that is said to show you the money. Leafy greens such as spinach, cabbage, kale, and collard are all said to symbolize paper money. It is a common thing for the Germans, Danish, and the Americans to have greens included in their New Years Eve dinner. The logic behind is, the more greens you eat the more fortune it will bring in the successive year.

4. Noodles


In China, the New Year’s dinner will always have noodles as the main course. The noodles are boiled whole, without breaking, so that they remain long to represent the concept of longevity. And, it is usually consumed at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

5. Fish


Germany, Japan, and Scandinavian countries are known for eating fish on New Year’s Eve as a symbol for good luck. Fish is considered a good luck sign because it swims forward, many fish swim in schools and lays a lot of eggs at one time which symbolizes abundance. Fish scales are also believed to represent wealth and coins.

6. Bread


St. Basil’s bread is a sweet New Year special bread baked in Greece. According to Greek traditions, the bread is baked with a coin hidden in it and whoever gets the coin while having it at midnight on New Year’s Eve is guaranteed to have good luck in the coming year.