Culinary career is all about passion and talent. The ones who are fond of food and cooking often have the highest chance of having job satisfaction if they are choosing this career path. If done correctly culinary career can be the most rewarding and fulfilling career you could pursue.

Having said that, passion and talent alone will not make you a great chef; proper culinary education and guidance take you to greater heights in your professional life.  At ICCA, you don’t just learn cooking; you get to experience the industry in its true form...

So, if you’re an aspiring chef and are looking to know more about culinary education and career, we have compiled some of the most important factors any budding chef would experience at ICCA about being in a professional kitchen.

1. It’s Intense, and be ready to adapt to the pace 



In a commercial/professional kitchen, things are much more intense than your home kitchen, and you can expect the same intensity at the ICCA kitchen as well. You might be quite good in the comfort of your home kitchen; however, in ICCA you will get trained just like how it is done in the industry where everything is 100 times more difficult until you get used to the flow. Keep in mind that we prepare you to be at ease in a professional kitchen when you’re ready to join the industry.

Everything in the kitchen moves at a sprint-like pace just like how it is in a professional kitchen. Your movements, actions, reactions, and even thoughts should be fast enough to cope up with a busy kitchen atmosphere. Also, when in the kitchen, you’ll be expected to figure out everything quickly.

2. You’ll be saying more “Yes Chef!” than the usual “Hellos”


Let’s face it; in a professional kitchen, the chefs are quite strict & tough to maintain a proper workflow which you’ll see in ICCA kitchen as well. Yes, they all are fun to work with but at the same time, they are pretty tough too. So be ready to get yelled at for even the slightest of mistakes you make for which all they want to hear is a “Yes Chef!” in return without any further explanation because that’s how they prepare you for the industry.

3. You’ll learn and know the power of teamwork


Teamwork is the most important factor that helps run a kitchen efficiently. In each and every process you need your team to be with you to execute each day’s tasks smoothly. Amidst all the chaos in the kitchen, you will always find the comfort of your team or batch members to support each other throughout the program, and regardless of how tough the chefs would be, they will be always around to give you all the mental support you need.

4. You’ll get to work with Celebrity chefs from around the world


Being in ICCA, you will never run out of a chance to work with renowned chefs from all over the world. We make it a point to be the main part of all the major international food events that happen in UAE such as Taste, Gulf Food & Gulf Host to provide better industry exposure and experience to our students.

5. Be Exposed to the Best of Food Safety & Precautionary Measures

Pandemic or not, we at ICCA Kitchen have always been committed to the highest levels of health and sanitation practices. Especially, given the current circumstances, we have immensely invested in tools and equipment that will help keep the safety and well being of our team and students.

Our safety measures are in addition to the custom made personal protective gear and temperature checks provided to all the team members and the students on a regular basis ensuring to build a healthier and safer environment to handle food.

6. Last but not least, it’s all hard work and fun here


No matter how intense or difficult the program is, there’s no doubt that you will get to have a lot of fun in the school. The events and the buffet preparations are not only hands-on learning experiences but are also a lot of fun to be a part of...


Your Safety and Wellbeing, Assured

The proactiveness of the UAE's leadership in the management of the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in the absolute containment of the pandemic in the country, along with the top of the line facilities offered, making it one of the safest countries in the world to live in during these uncertain times.

Your safety and wellbeing is paramount for us. Hence, we at the ICCA Dubai have enforced all the COVID-19 prevention & precautionary measures and protocols in line with the latest directives from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai, and here are some of the standard practices that are strictly followed at the ICCA Dubai on a daily basis -

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Social Distancing Norms
  • Personal Protective Equipment such as Masks, Gloves, and Facial Visors, and Hygiene practices are strictly enforced and monitored for everyone’s safety.
  • The Disinfection of premises

As the fear of COVID recedes and life bounces back, we are here to make sure you are safe, secure, and confident as you embark on your culinary learning journey.