You are passionate about cooking, and sometimes you can’t help but wonder what life would be like doing it for a living. Especially with the current surge in home cooking that reminded many of their long-forgotten love for cooking, the food enthusiasts might have had these thoughts several times already.

It is always intimidating in the beginning when it comes to following your passion, and even more so when cooking is all you think you would be doing if food is what you like to work with. In this scenario, you’re likely to have a lot of questions about taking it to the next level by looking for the possible culinary arts careers you can go for that you never thought about yet.

One thing that most of the food enthusiasts are still not aware of is that you actually have a diverse range of successful and rewarding culinary careers to choose from.

And, how you would be able to do it?

An internationally recognized qualification in the Culinary Arts is the way to go about it!

Check out a real story of a real Foodpreneur from the ICCA Dubai, Malavika Raghavan. This is her journey from an aspiring entrepreneur to a successful business owner!



Do you feel inspired by Malavika's story and wish to start your journey? Then this is your chance to equip yourself with the right set of hands-on skills and knowledge! 

If turning up the heat on your passion for cooking and climbing up the career ladder to achieve greater heights is what you’re looking for, then read on to know more about the culinary career options that fit you best.

1. A Professional Chef

professional chef

Chef is the first term that comes to mind when we talk about culinary arts or industry. It’s the chef who does the magic in the kitchen transforming raw ingredients into delectable food items teasing with our taste buds leaving us craving for more.

After the culinary arts degree/program, a chef’s career typically starts with being a Commi where he/she learns all the nuances of the trade working in the industry, under well-experienced chefs. From being a Commi, they work their way up to different levels from Demi Chef de Partie to Executive Chefs in a matter of a few years.

Food preparations being the main focus of their job, their responsibilities also include supervising the staff, planning menus, maintaining the inventory of supplies, monitoring sanitization practices and much more, depending on the position they’re in.

2. A Personal or Freelance Chef

personal chef

Personal chefs are becoming a thing now especially among the celebrities in the big cities around the world. As the name suggests, being a personal chef you’re mostly self-employed and you work for a single client or a few, of your choice, preparing meals according to their preferences and dietary needs.

Here the workflow depends on both the parties; a personal chef can either work on a weekly basis with their clients or daily at the client’s homes or even just for special occasions.

It’s a much more flexible job compared to working in the industry because you’re technically a freelancer and you get to choose whom you want to work with. Again, to gain a good list of clientele you have to work really hard at the beginning of your career to gain that name and experience.

3. Food & Beverage Manager 

food manager

If you think kitchen is not your place even though you’re passionate about food and working in the food industry, this is something you can consider. Food & Beverage Manager’s job is more on a corporate level compared to the chefs.

Being in this position you will be forecasting, planning, and controlling the orders of food & beverages for the hospitality property you’re working for.

This job demands strong financial management and decision-making capabilities along with your knowledge in culinary arts.

4. Nutritionist


Telling people what to eat, ain’t that a fun job? Today, people are more concerned about their health & leading a healthy lifestyle, and are finding ways to fight obesity and all those modern-day illnesses caused mainly due to poor food habits.

In an era where everything is accessible to everyone, people are spoiled with choices and most of them don’t even know what really suits their lifestyle. This is where a nutritionist’s role comes to play.

Nutritionists help their clients eat healthier with their knowledge in culinary arts, food science, and fitness. If you’re passionate about food and fitness, this career may be perfect for you.

No matter what your culinary interests are, if you’re passionate about food/cooking and want to build your career around it, then wait no more to learn culinary arts and start your culinary journey with great career opportunities available to pick from.

All you have to do is, consider all your interests in addition to cooking and work it out together to find your niche.


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