Pizza, the world’s favourite food is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser, being one of the reasons for the increasing number of pizzerias all over the world. It is one of those foods that have been accepted worldwide for its taste and ease of consumption. Having said that, it is important to mention that pizza making is not as easy as it seems. It is an art of mastering the kneading and tossing techniques to get that perfect crust and learning about the best blend of ingredients to make a scrumptious topping.

While the question of pizza being a junk or a healthy meal is still under debate, we believe that if pizzas are made in the authentic Italian way with the finest quality of fresh and local ingredients then there arises no question of it being categorized as junk. After all, it is a traditional artisanal product of Italy, and how can traditional food be as bad as the fast-food of today?

Artisan Pizza with Tomatoes

Learning to make pizza in the right traditional way allows you to choose the ingredients of your choice and you can make it as healthy as you like it to be. This way you can not only enjoy a guilt-free treat but can also let your family have a healthy approach to the so-called junk.

Culinary schools such as ICCA Dubai offer the art of authentic artisanal pizza-making from the Italian Pizza Masters themselves at the professional and entrepreneurial levels. It is a program that covers the various traditional and contemporary techniques to make authentic Italian pizza, researched, developed and formulated by Master Pizza Maker Angelo Lezzi, President of API (Associazione Pizzerie Italiane).

Artisan Pizza Making at ICCA Dubai

As an artisanal pizza-making student, you will get hands-on training from the dough making to the execution stage of a perfectly baked golden pizza crust topped with fresh and seasonal ingredients. The program will help you learn more about flavour combinations, dough proving, kneading and the various other techniques involved in the making of an artisanal pizza.

When it comes to an entrepreneurial level of learning, apart from learning the basic methods of pizza making, you will also be exposed to food safety, dough management, and cost control. And, with an excellent team of pizza masters from API, Italy to assist and train you during the course period, there’s no doubt you will benefit much more than you expected from the Artisanal Pizza Making program.