We have seen mums running behind their kids to make them eat their greens and as we know, Veggies and Kids do not get along well. Vegetables & fruits are good sources of vitamins & minerals and are loaded with essential nutrients. On the other hand, kids are all about the taste, and if the food fails to impress their taste buds it is never going to make its way to their little tummies. They don’t care or understand the health aspects of any of the food they eat and there lies the tricky part in making them eat everything essential for their health and growth regardless of the taste appeal.
appealing food for kids

The food should appeal to them visually as well as in taste. And probably because of that most of the time parents don’t stop them from having junk considering, they are just kids and they should be allowed to eat everything. However, if you are ready to put some thoughtful effort this trend can be changed with a healthier and flavourful take on what goes into their tiffin boxes.
healthy food for kids

There are plenty of ways to keep your little ones happy and healthy when it comes to mindful eating. There are many vegetables which by the name itself they will reject before even tasting it. Spinach, Aborigines, Brocolli, Bitter gourd, etc. are a few of them. It is not necessary that the kids should have their veggies in a conventional way. Leafy vegetables like Spinach can be blended into a smoothie with oats and other yummy ingredients according to their liking and just for the beautiful green colour, it will be finished in no time. Just like that, you can throw in the vegetables as pizza toppings, make purees out of it and create interesting pasta sauces to which they cannot say no. Sandwiches and burgers can also be a healthy treat for them if you play with the right veggies and sauces.
smoothies for kids

Now when it comes to fruits and nuts, most of the kids like them but if in case they don’t, then throw them in plenty into a flavourful cake batter or cookie dough of wholesome grains or even pair them with something they like such as a smoothie or milkshake to which they will never say no. All you have to do is to find the right combinations & recipes and try to cook or bake everything by yourself according to their liking.

The only thing is, you have to think in a way that will appeal to their taste buds and eyes equally. They say yes to food with their eyes first before they say it out loud after tasting it. It’s all about giving a makeover to their lunch packs to make it into a power-packed and yummy tiffin box, and you will find your kids coming back home with a happy tummy and an empty tiffin box.