Most of us cook to satisfy our hunger while for some the gastronomic wonders of the food travel all the way from the stomach and sinks and settle deep in the brain! If you are one of those who feels that food isn’t only a plate of eatables to satisfy those hunger pangs but a whole world brewing beneath the bread that you eat, then gourmet culinary is the career for you.

The scope of cooking as a career is immense. If you plan on becoming a Master Chef, be informed that it might take a while. For it is only with years of dedicated practice that you will begin to understand the dimensions of every inch and molecule of the morsel. Those who want to pursue a career in culinary arts must bear in mind that there is deep artistry in the way a chef plays with fragrances and flavors, delicately balancing tastes and smells to dish up some spectacular creations.

For many who think that the skills and knowledge are simply gained by working long hours in the kitchen, often find it difficult to reach the peak of the profession. Education in the field is always preferable and will enrich your sense of ingredients, planning and productivity of food apart from the hygiene to be adopted. Those who wish to tailor their lives to a culinary dream could be well served by choosing a culinary degree in addition to an apprenticeship.

A highly regarded profession, chef these days are not merely people who opt for the career because they aren’t good at any other, but because they are masters at the art and science of food. A chef is an artist who uses his culinary preparations as a canvas to express his love for food with uniqueness. The responsibilities of a chef are varied, depending on the type of food served and at what level of hierarchy in the kitchen they work. Beginning at the commis level where you would learn a range of skills in each area of the kitchen, one can work their way up to the Head Chef where the responsibility will entail updating and planning menus, inspecting ingredients, supervising the kitchen staff, plan & execute budgets and handle all issues relating to the kitchen.

Passions never betray! We can flame your fires and help you pave your path to your true calling. If you do not know the particulars but have the will, then ICCA is here to help you broach and understand the systematic operational rules of the industry. Unravel the world of food with extensive educative sessions in the hot, cold or a pastry kitchen as we help you curate your career as a Chef.