A culinary school is where the transformation of passionate home cooks into world-class chefs begin. As tough and disciplinary as it is, culinary school is not only about following a strict regime but is also a fun and rewarding place if you have the passion for it. Having said that, it is good to know in prior that training in the kitchen could drain you down both physically and emotionally. So, it is important to make sure that you know what you are getting into before starting your professional culinary journey.

A professional kitchen is entirely different from our comforting home kitchen. It is a lot more intense than you could think; the knives are sharper, burners are hotter, and there are so many new and advanced equipment & tools to deal with.  Also, in a professional kitchen, you are required to work at a pace which you might find difficult to catch up with initially.

For beginners, cuts and burns are almost inevitable in the kitchen especially when you work at a pace like that. Everything in the kitchen is sharp and hot, and it’s just a matter of time to get a hold on to it without hurting yourself physically. It is expected to happen, and you will learn to deal with it in time.

Coming to the emotional exhaustion of being in a kitchen, there is no doubt that you will face some trials in there as well. Amidst the cuts, burns and sweat that you go through in the kitchen, sometimes you will also get yelled at, for not doing a very good job at cooking which you always thought you are best at. It is better if you have a good support system to help you keep motivated through this period. But again, this how it is, everyone feels this way and you will definitely get past this.

None of this would be that big a problem once you are mentally prepared for it before joining the kitchen, and eventually, all of this will just feel normal to you.

When you’re in the school, you might think that you are already doing a lot and that would be it. The fact is, cooking will take over your life and everything you do on a daily basis will start reflecting more of your kitchen behaviour.

The last and the most important thing is regardless of how much you slog in the culinary school that alone will never get you the ticket to becoming an exceptional chef. Culinary school is all about learning the basics, and what you build for your future out of it depends on how well you continue to put your skills to work, to learn more and achieve greater heights.

Do keep in mind that all great chefs began the same way, and all you need is the passion and perseverance to prove that you are made for the kitchen and it will reward you back in more ways