Classed as fruit but frequently confused as a nut, the hard coconut with its soft center and its versatility in cooking cannot be undermined. It is pretty capable of adding a tropical touch to your repertoire of recipes and how! The nutritious elixir provided by it is one of the things really treasured by people. The various parts of coconut have a number of culinary as well as lifestyle uses, and here, we have 6 impressive uses/benefits of the “superfood” coconut to share with.

1. Good for General Health

Coconut in any form is a great cleanser for the body. Rich in saturated fat, it is great for hydrating and providing nutrients and minerals. Coconut flesh is a good source for providing the body with dietary fiber. Regular consumption of coconut in moderation fights against heart diseases by increasing good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol as well.

2. Good for the Skin and Hair

Coconut oil is the best moisturizer and conditioner for your skin and hair. It keeps the skin hydrated & nourished, and could also be used as a sunscreen. Coconut water also does wonders to your skin by cleansing your system. When used regularly, coconut oil can also be used to protect the hair from damage.

3. Culinary Possibilities

When it’s about cooking with the coconut, think about anything but monotonous and usual! You can do a Roasted Butternut and Coconut Soup for the dreamy weather! Also think Toasted Coconut Sundaes with Candied Peanuts, Coconut Cream Pie or a Coconut Cream Smoothie.

Growing number of vegans rely on it, owing to its myriad culinary possibilities. The coconut is used wisely in desserts to replace butter.  With coconut flour, tortillas, coconut sugar, coconut chips; from cake to curry, the ingredient can make just any dish downright fantastic!

4. Helps Prevent Obesity

Regular intake of coconut products speeds up the metabolism by giving an immediate energy boost with fewer calories compared to the other fats. Cooking food in coconut oil reduces hunger as helps you eat less. It has the ability to reduce the sweet cravings and it also helps improve the insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose.

5. Fights against bacteria

People in the coastal area depend on coconut oil as a natural remedy for bacterial infections. The fatty acids in the coconut oil have powerful medicinal properties that kill bacteria and viruses.

It is just a matter of understanding the potentiality of the ingredient. So amp up your meals with the goodness of the creamy coconut and stay healthy!