They say, “UAE is a melting pot of cultures” and the food culture in UAE is a proof for that.  UAE is one of those few places where you will still ‘feel at home’ when it comes to finding your native food even though you are away from your home. Here you will get any kind of food that suits every budget. You will be amazed to find the variety of food options available in Dubai from around the world apart from the delicious Emirati cuisine.

When we talk about the UAE food culture, Emirati cuisine is something we have to address first. Although it is not that common to see Emirati restaurants in UAE as much as we see other cuisines, most of their popular dishes are available in every Middle Eastern eatery across the region. However, when it comes to authentic Emirati cuisine, they have much more to offer than the popular delicacies we are familiar with. And living in UAE, this is not something you want to miss.

The food culture in this land of sand is not limited to the variety of cuisines available in the restaurants or finding the rarest ingredients in the supermarkets here. One might find it difficult to believe that amidst this desert landscape they have these beautiful organic fruits & vegetable farms. And the best part is, these farms are open to the public to visit, pluck and purchase the fresh & local produce.

Desert Farm in UAE

Organic farming in a country like this comes with a lot of challenges. Here, they deal with sand instead of soil, and there is an obvious limitation of water too for crop cultivation in a desert. Thanks to science & technology, with the help of hydroponic system and soil building methods this initiative is a 100%  successful one in UAE.

Now, coming back to finding different cuisines in this country, it’s not that you will only find ethnic foods here, but you will also experience it in the most authentic way. The best way to know any culture is to explore it through their food. And, what is better than learning to cook new cuisines and understand from the very basics of them. There are culinary schools such as ICCA Dubai that offers the real taste of authenticity that you wouldn't want to miss. Do you need any better option when you are away from your home?

In the UAE, people like to celebrate food, and you will always find some or the other food event happening in various parts of this country every now and then. In short, we could say UAE is an excellent place for a foodie to experience a whole lot from a single destination.