Summer is hitting hard and it’s only natural to crave for cold & frozen refreshments to beat this hot weather. While ice cream seems to be an obvious choice, the calories and fat content often make us look for alternatives such as frozen yogurt. Now, having a cup of creamy white swirl of frozen yogurt topped with colourful and tempting toppings feels like a better option as it is only yogurt which is good for health. But is this seemingly guilt-free pleasure really as harmless as we think it to be? Let’s burst some myth bubbles about the so-called healthy frozen yogurt.

The Myth - Frozen yogurt is a low fat guilt-free pleasure.

The Truth: Yes, it is low fat but that alone won’t make something “healthy.” Even the most non-fat and non-flavoured plain fro-yo will have a lot of sugar and a little bit of adulteration to compensate for the reduced fat content. No matter how low the fat content is, it will still have some calories plus the empty calories of sugar and the harsh side effects of artificial taste enhancers.

So, if you’re going to have some fro-yo, you might as well stick to the full-fat one which is still better than ice cream in terms of fat but try sharing it with someone so that you can enjoy it without consuming a lot.

The Myth - Frozen yogurt is a good source of probiotics which is good for your digestive system.

The Truth: Probiotics or the active cultures are found in fermented dairy products but what really happens when it is frozen. Frozen yogurt can contain probiotics but it doesn’t always benefit the way you think. The active cultures in frozen yogurt do not survive that long for you to reap the rewards because of its manufacturing processes and the extreme temperature conditions. Again the number of active cultures present in fro-yo is much less compared to the actual yogurt itself and in some cases, it will not even have any.

The Myth - Toppings are only a little so they are harmless.

The Truth: This is true only if you are going for fresh fruit toppings. Adding granola, nuts or any other crunchy topping is not going to make your fro-yo harmless. Granola and nuts are packed with calories and yes they are good calories but only when you eat it in the right way. Adding them to frozen yogurt is not going to help you keep healthy.

The Myth - Frozen yogurt is a great meal.

The Truth: Yes we do have yogurt for breakfast but we also have other nutritious things such as granola, fresh fruits, eggs and some toast along with it. When yogurt alone won’t make a complete meal then how can frozen yogurt be? Being a dairy product it does have a little bit of calcium and protein but not as much as your body needs. And, we have already talked about the sugar and probiotic situation so please remember that fro-yo is not a meal in itself but a great treat to satisfy your summer dessert cravings.