As the summer days are getting hotter and longer, it seems pretty difficult to put up with the blistering heat. This sweltering heat causes us to crave anything and everything cold. However, the truth is, cold treats are not a solution to keep cool, and on the contrary, it triggers body temperature to rise once digestion starts.

Staying cool during summer is not as difficult as it seems to be. If you can keep an eye on what you eat, food can actually help you much more than cold refreshments does. When we say food, it is not something that you will have to get particularly for the season but are the spices & herbs that are usually available in our kitchen. Apart from adding a distinctive flavour to the dishes, the use of spices and herbs provide tremendous health benefits as well. Read on to find out the spices that can help you reduce excess body heat.

1. Fennel

Culinary Tips - Using Fennel to beat the Summer in Dubai

Fennel seeds are the dried seeds from fennel herb that look similar to cumin but greener and have an entirely different flavour with a hint of sweetness to it. It is a widely used spice in Indian and Mediterranean cuisines due to its sweet aroma. Fennel has many health benefits; it is known to calm the inflammation caused in the body due to heat intolerance and is also a good source of Vitamin C. Including fennel as a spice in your food or drinking fennel infused water on a regular basis will help you stay cool in the summer.

2. Fenugreek

Culinary Tips - Using Fenugreek to beat the Summer in Dubai

Fenugreek is used in Indian cuisine in many ways, as a spice, a dry herb and also as a leafy vegetable. The fenugreek seeds and its leaves have a nutty & bitter flavour, and when used as a dry herb it takes the taste of the dish to another level. It has many therapeutic properties. The seeds are known to have body cooling properties when consumed regularly. The taste of Fenugreek seed infused water would not go well with everyone, but if you could develop a taste for it, then it could not only help you stay cool but will also aid in weight loss.

3. Green Cardamom

Culinary Tips - Using Green Cardamom to beat the Summer in Dubai

Cardamom is one of the most popular spices in the world for its alluring aroma. It plays a significant role in Middle Eastern cuisine. According to the traditional practice of Ayurveda-the holistic healing therapy, using cardamom is one of the best ways to bring down the body temperature naturally. Just keep using it in your daily cup of tea, desserts, rice preparations, savoury dishes or simply boil water with cardamom pods and sip on it all day long.

4. Coriander/Cilantro

Culinary Tips - Using Coriander or Cilantro to beat the Summer in Dubai

Coriander is the seed of Cilantro plant and is used to flavour meat and vegetables. It is used to tone down the unbearable heat in our body caused due to climatic effects or other medical conditions. Coriander powder, the seeds, and the fresh leaves are packed with freshness and nutrition. To add some beautiful fresh flavour and extra cooling effect on your system, make sure to include this wholesome spice/herb in your diet.

5. Mint

Culinary Tips - Using Mint to beat the Summer in Dubai

The herb that is known for its refreshing feel and flavour is definitely one of the best natural remedies we can depend on to stay cool when the sun decides to hug us tight. Mint is packed with menthol, the organic compound that gives the cooling characteristics to the herb. You can shake it up with your favourite drink to make it even more refreshing or throw some into a bowl of freshly made salad. Mix it up the way you want to slot in this re-vitalising herb in your daily dietary intake to feel fresh and cool down this summer.