We have read and heard a lot about staying healthy and ensuring to provide the essential nutrition to the body during the holy month of Ramadan. Here, we are not going to say anything new that you don’t already know. Rather, we are only giving a gentle reminder of health tips that we are all well aware of, but often forget to practice...

1. Never skip Suhoor

Culinary Tips for Suhoor

Yes, it’s tempting to sleep that extra bit without bothering about having that pre-dawn meal and water before a day of fasting. But that meal is what will give you the energy to keep going till iftar, and a short nap is something you can always take while you are fasting. So skipping on Suhoor will make the fasting extremely tiring and difficult.

2. Reduce the Fat and Sugar intake

Culinary Tips for reducing fat and sugar intake

Iftars are quite a meal lined up with a variety of fruits, juices, dates, deep-fried goodies, sweets, meat preparations, bread and rice. After a whole day of fasting, you don’t want to feel bloated and uncomfortable when you break your fast. So, to help avoid that, it is better to reduce the intake of fat and sugar. Deep fried foods and sweets can be enjoyed but best kept to a  minimal.

3. Avoid Artificial Drinks and Processed Foods

Culinary Tips for avoiding artificial drinks

Aerated and artificially flavoured drinks are a big No especially after fasting the whole day. Stick to natural drinks like Coconut water, Laban, Lemon juice etc. they are all healthy drinks to keep you hydrated & replenished. When selecting food, go for fresh & natural foods and avoid processed & canned foods as much as possible.

4. Focus on a Balanced Diet

Culinary Tips for having a balanced diet

Try to keep your Suhur and Iftars well balanced. Eggs, dairy products, whole grains, legumes, meat, fruits and vegetables, all should be a part of your diet. Have a portion of everything good and healthy so that your body will get all essential nutrition.

5. Be Active

Culinary Tips for being active

Keeping your body active is another important thing to remember while fasting, which cannot be avoided on a regular day as well. During Ramadan, you don’t have to necessarily go for a heavy weight training or a fast-paced running as on a usual day, but a brisk walk or a few repeated stretches in the evening will be good enough to keep up the flow.

6. Sleep Well

Culinary Tips for sleeping well

Sound sleep is very important for your body these days. Taking a short afternoon nap is also as important as having a good night sleep. This will keep your body refreshed and energetic till Iftar.