Street food has always been a favourite to the foodies, and nowadays, it has become one of the most beloved trends in dining out. The impact of street food on the global market is huge, mainly because it gives you the opportunity to taste the culture of the place it belongs to. No matter how authentic the restaurant food claims to be, nothing beats street food when it comes to knowing the cuisine a little on its raw side.

From the good old days itself, street food has always been a part of every culture. However, now it has evolved to a much more international concept where consumers get to taste street food from around the world in their own streets.

Like how we have popular cuisines available everywhere, street food is also growing its flavour profiles around the world, among which the current popular ones include Italian, Indian, American, Mexican and Pan-Asian.

The light -meal concept that was initiated by vendors with no money to afford the rent for a place to put up a restaurant to serve full-fledged meals has now become something special in the culinary world. In the last couple of years, the demand for street food increased among the modern consumers who are not ready to compromise on the quality.

The best thing about street food is, it is usually made fresh and in small quantities with locally sourced ingredients. Consumers expect that freshness and quality in the food they eat, that is also prepared in front of them taking care of one customer at a time.

It is a real-time task for the vendors to keep up with their customer expectations and also to offer interesting items on the menu by adding their own touch to it. Without any fail, they manage to meet these market demands for which street food is known for.

It probably comes as no surprise that today’s street food trend on ‘world food’ is stemmed from the recent popularity of cookery shows, travel & food shows and social media influences. It’s amazing to see places that once had their street food limited to only pretzels and hot dogs have now their streets and beaches lined up with gourmet food trucks and vendors selling food from around the world.

It is important to mention that despite the effort being put into bringing good food to customers, street food is still reasonably priced, it’s fast and caters to our busy lifestyle in a much healthier way than any fast food chains does.