Whether you’re working in a restaurant, taking on the road with a food truck or even finishing orders from your home kitchen, today, there are so many ways to turn your food business into a successful one...

Wondering what it’s like to be a Food Entrepreneur?

Meet Mahwish Aziz, one of ICCA Dubai's' alumni who left her job as a successful Graphic Designer to become a full-time baker and an entrepreneur. Armed with an internationally accredited qualification in The Culinary Arts - Baking & Patisserie from the ICCA Dubai, she has managed to do it all in the world of sugar & butter.

There was something about baking that Mahwish always loved since the age of 11 and when she baked her first cake out of a ready-to-mix cake box, did her passion for baking seriously ignite and went on to grow to a small-scale home-based baking business that she continued doing even while she was working as a graphic designer.

Although the flair to bake came to her naturally but the growing list of clients made Mahwish feel the need to get professionally trained to help get her cake decorating skills honed to the next level.

Further realization that baking is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, helped her decide to quit her job at the ad agency and join ICCA Dubai to do the Sugarcraft program that also led her to do both cookery and patisserie programs as well.

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After all the professional training, more orders started coming her way which was a lot to cope up with especially the limited space of her home kitchen. That is when her father suggested about opening up a professional bakery with a dedicated production kitchen.

Sugaries by Mahwish Aziz


And before she could even think, Sugaries was born. For Mahwish, Sugaries is much more than a patisserie shop; It was a dream that she had since her childhood which she has managed to put together with her hard work and parents’ support. When it came to naming her business, Mahwish had no second thoughts; she has always been so fond of the name ‘Sugaries’, that she had even made the logo for the name when she was 17 or so.

When her father suggested for a startup like this Mahwish didn’t feel she was ready for something that big but everything went well and now she has a fully-fledged production kitchen for the shop and she also caters, takes party orders and much more.

Now coming to the hard part of being an entrepreneur, what Mahwish has to say is “Running a bakery is not all about beautiful pink aprons and cute cupcakes. It’s obviously a trillion times challenging to have your own shop, in comparison to baking from home. When you’re running a shop you’re depending a lot on your staff where you can’t be sure whether they can deliver the same quality as you do, even though they are trained for it. You have to be alert about everything going on in the shop especially when you are traveling even if it’s for a day. We deal with the usual day-to-day problems that any business would come across or more since we are dealing with food here. It’s food industry after all and it’s not that easy; and it comes with its own sets of challenges and troubles”.

When dealing with challenges like this in the business, this is exactly where she feels ICCA Dubai has helped her a lot. “When you are learning from a bunch of talented chefs who have different approaches towards the industry and food, it is a great experience for the learner. You learn different ways to deal with the various aspects of the industry and moreover, it’s after coming to ICCA that I realized how much potential I have than I ever had thought. I was surprised and extremely emotional when I was announced as the Chef of the Batch. I mean that gives you a lot more confidence to go out and get something done”, she added.

After coming so far also living her passion, she strongly believes that having a focused mindset, knowing what you’re getting into and being determined to learn more has helped her achieve a lot in her culinary career.

To sum up, all she has to say is, “It is a wonderful career but be ready to take the critic and be mindful of the fact that if you made a great cake today it could collapse the next day. Just take that with a pinch of salt”.

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