An interestingly healthy take on the traditional Middle Eastern breakfast favourite, shakshuka with eggs braised in a savoury green base making it a perfect and tasty way to celebrate greens.


Recipe Card

Ingredients Quantity
US Eggs 4 Nos
Veg/olive oil 4 tbsp
Large stem of leeks 1 stem
Parsley 1 Bunch
Coriander leaves 1 bunch
Dill 1 bunch
Chopped spring onions 40 gm
Cumin seeds 25 gm
Turmeric powder (optional) 15 gm
Crushed garlic 7 cloves
Lime 2 nos
Salt and pepper To Taste
NOTE:  All your greens must be chopped
For the garlic sauce topping
Garlic (sliced thinly) 3 cloves
Harissa 1 Tbsp
Olive oil 20 ml


Method of Preparation: 

  • Pour oil in a pan on medium heat.  Add your chopped leeks and a bit of salt.
  • Let it cooked or sweat slowly.
  • Then add your chopped garlic and cumin seeds, cooked and stir them together with the leeks.
  • Add all your herbs in a pan and let all the herbs and chopped spring onions to sweat in your pan on medium-low heat.  Do not burn.
  • Once all the herbs are cooked, add your spinach and turmeric powder (optional), let it cook. On this stage, you can add your turmeric and season it again. Then add water to create a sauce.
  • When most of your liquid has been evaporated, add you lime juice.
  • Create a well for your eggs pour your raw eggs (on each well). Again season it lightly and cover your lid to cook the eggs (your desired texture) on low heat.
  • Once eggs are done add your garlic sauce on top of your eggs.
  • Ready to serve.

Garlic Sauce

  • In a pan, place oil and sliced garlic then add a spoon of Harissa. Take it out from the heat.


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Maria Belinda Sanderson

Food enthusiast, certified professional chef and ICCA alumna.



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