What do we usually do when some awe-inspiring food is being served on our table in a restaurant/café? Dig in right away? Of course, we will, but before that, none of us would mind sparing a couple of minutes clicking that fare so that we can tell the world what we are going to devour. Yes, that’s how we are nowadays; the Instagram way of living.

Taking pictures of Food

For most of us, eating out has become more of a celebration on our Instagram accounts, because of which we even choose the places to dine out carefully. We have seen so many accounts posting food pictures constantly whenever they try a new eatery. Now, this has become such a huge trend, mainly because it’s food, and who doesn’t want to look at some drool-worthy food pictures. Also, it gives an idea about the cuisine at a particular food joint to which we all connect instantly more than a magazine or blog review.

While this posting marathon gives us the luxury to become self-proclaimed food critics or reviewers with a huge number of followers, note that this is equally beneficial to the restaurants as well because we mostly post images of food that we feel great about and we barely talk about the ones that didn’t appeal to us, and this is what helps the restaurants when it comes to Instagram.

Food Photo for Instagram

This trend has picked up so well, that nowadays many restaurants have cottoned on to the power of Instagram and they have even started working on their menu to make it look Instagram friendly.

According to the restaurant owners, before digitalization marketing was mostly word of mouth based on the taste and service, however, now the effort is to work on both the taste and presentation so that people feel the urge to click and post. But it doesn’t stop there, some restaurants even keep updating their décor from time to time to keep it aesthetically appealing for Instagram. For them, if they are doing great on Instagram then they are definitely doing it right in the kitchen as well.

Kitchen photo for Instagram

For people, what really matters is the taste, presentation, and the ambiance unless they are eating from a street food outlet which is only known for taste. Apart from the Instagram foodie accounts, the Millennials also consider the restaurant’s Instagram account before they visit the place because that’s where they get the initial idea of what’s good about the place.  And from there, after the visit, the customers will carry it on to their own pages. So either way, it’s a win-win situation for the restaurants.

Now that we know the power of Instagram, we have to mention how important it is for the ones in the food business to have an account of their own to get noticed or to pull more traffic. At ICCA we have seen many food entrepreneurs/professionals who have made it big in the industry with their hard work, talent and a little push from social media. And yes, that little push goes a long way when it is combined with your efforts.