There is something nostalgically beautiful about the whiff of freshly baked homemade bread with a golden-brown crust and a cotton-soft texture on the inside.

In the good old days, these parameters were enough to judge the quality of a fine loaf. Bread baking in those days was more or less based on demand rather than today’s mass production. And each loaf had the baker’s personal touch to it, baked to perfection with the best ingredients available locally, making it an artisan one.


The term ‘Artisan’ denotes handmade with the finest of resources available locally. Baking artisan bread involves more traditional methods and age-old practices. It is not just the effort it takes; time is also significantly spent in the making of a good loaf.


Artisan bread making is a time-consuming process; from the beginning to the end it can take hours or in some cases even days. It all seems like an alienated process in the world of microwave dinners and fast food joints. However, amidst these conveniences, we are fortunate enough to realize the value of sticking to our roots and following at least some of the good old-fashioned eating habits. Thanks to movements such as “support local produce” and “farm to table”, that are spreading awareness about eating clean & local.

When we choose convenience over health, we are digging our own graves. When food items are produced in bulk, it would barely have any nutritional value or natural flavour to it. Moreover, it will be highly processed as well as loaded with additives to improve its shelf life resulting in poor quality.

On the other hand, if we take a little effort and time, we could have a flavourful and nutritious loaf of bread rather than the store-bought chemical junk. This is not just about bread but any food for that matter.

In fact, nowadays, people prefer homemade goodies whether it’s for an occasion or for daily use.  Everyone seems to have loved the idea of homemade bread for their family, mainly because it’s more nutritious and there is always a relief in knowing what exactly goes into it along with the warmth & care. Moreover, the vogue for home baking has undoubtedly been helped by easy to use baking equipment and supplies. Have a look at the art of Artisan Bread Making here.

Today, people are well aware of the harmful side effects of food commercialization, and they are ready to take the needful measures to keep their health unaffected. And, this is exactly what brings us back to our traditional methods of cooking and baking, leaving us to fall in love with the good old artisanal ways.

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