The Hospitality Industry is one of the most diverse industries in the world. With Hotel & Food being the major part of it. According to the British Hospitality Association (BHA), around 1.9 million people are employed in the industry. Although the industry is growing by the day, it is extremely difficult to come across someone with a hospitality job who does not have a passion for it.

A dive into some of the key points as to why a career in Hospitality is great...

  • Considering the fact that 1 out of 10 jobs in the world is held by a Hospitality professional there lies a world of opportunities for those who wish to start their careers in this field. There are a variety of career paths to pursue and being a stable industry you can be rest assured of a career that lasts a lifetime
  • A vibrant work environment, people-driven and driven by people who are passionate about what they do, the industry is a potpourri of people from different nationalities working together. You get to be a part of a multi-cultural environment and that relates to so much learning and evolving as a person
  • The industry is well known for its perks & good remuneration packages for its employees. Employee discount is a given and some also get an opportunity to train and travel at different locations where the company operates. Internal transfers of employees between countries are quite a common feature and the process of applying for work visas and permits is much easier as compared to the other industries
  • A career in the industry allows you to also have a chance of being rotated and ‘cross-train’ for different tasks and responsibilities, which means new learning and faster career advancement
  • Besides allowing you to be innovative and creative, hospitality is all about networking and meeting new people every day. There never is a dull moment and because there are no rigid structures or rules you can express your unique style and shine through by how you treat your guests. The appreciation received in return is the instant gratification one gets that is not to be seen or felt in any other industry

In addition, Hospitality today, has grown to become a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry & can be broadly categorized into the following sectors -

  • Travel & Tourism – Airlines, Railways, Road, Cruise companies, Tour Operators
  • Lodging – Hotels, Inns, Resorts & Retreats
  • Food Services – Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Companies, Cafes & Clubs
  • Entertainment – Casinos, Events, Concerts & Theatre, Theme Parks & Adventure Sports
  • Personal Services – Spas & Wellness Centers

Under the Food Services comes a field so full of passion, inspiration and dedication – The Culinary Arts!

In simple words, it is the art of preparation, cooking and presentation of food.

Hospitality Training - Vocational Education Programs

Vocational Education Programs are tertiary education that provide industry related skills and cover a wide range of careers and industries across the globe.

Today, career training programs aimed at hospitality training are hosted by well-established Technical & Vocational Education Institutions across the world. They help their students build professional careers by equipping them with a range of internationally recognized and accredited programs that simulate job-specific learning & experience.

If passion is given a direction, work becomes play. But, in order to get on the right direction, it is crucial to get the fundamentals right, starting with the early stage. When it comes to hospitality, vocational education is the way to go!

It is a prime opportunity to expand your knowledge base as well as to provide yourself with the right set of tools to jump start a career in the hospitality industry.

Rather than depending on learning by memorization of knowledge without an understanding of the application, students should incline towards acquiring hands-on application focused learning & understanding in their area of interest & niche.

Vocational Education Training in Culinary Arts

Did you know that you can get professionally certified to become a Chef?


Yes! If cooking is what you love and you want to become a Professional Chef, then taking up a vocational education program is something you need to strongly consider. This is because, the industry demands real-world problem-solving skills besides fundamental subject matter knowledge, techniques and hands-on skills for cooking.

There are Culinary Arts Institutions that provide students with qualified certifications and diplomas that equip you with the right knowledge and the right set of tools to help you not just excel, but become successful in your career.

The International Centre for Culinary Arts, Dubai does exactly this. If you wish to become a Professional in The Culinary Arts, then consider taking up a Professional Program at The ICCA, Dubai.

Whether you wish to become a professional chef or want to pursue your passion for cooking, taking a Vocational Education Program in Culinary expands your horizons and gives you wide array of careers to choose from.

If this is something that you would like to look deeper into, then you will absolutely love our slideshow on the seven interesting career options in food that await you in the exciting world of culinary!