The bread and butter of any business is the customer. For the shopper though, one of the most frustrating aspects of buying is arguably arriving at the realisation that one has not received value for their money. Whether it is from a defective product or an incomplete service, the struggle is a perpetual one for consumers around the world.

In the field of learning and education, students are customers too (paying for a complete and effective service) just as they are in an ordinary retail environment. A solid foundation, when learning anything, is best attained through diligent teachers that can wield the correct materials and information in the most comprehensible way, to facilitate the understanding and satisfaction of every student.

Here at the ICCA Sugarcraft Studio, we deliver excellence in both our teaching methods and our materials. The Rolls Royce of Sugar Crafting, if you would say!

I believe that to begin rightly is to end rightly.  At ICCA we provide a breadth of information, delivered only by City & Guilds, London, certified instructors in the region, as well as follow up support and advice so that every student leaves able to perform everything they did in the classroom confidently in their own time too.

The ICCA Sugarcraft Program 


Our certified program is divided into three very comprehensive modules: the first ‘Sugar paste’ module covers the A to Z of techniques utilising rolled sugar; the second module covers ‘flower making’ with botanical attention to detail, finish and bouquet-making techniques; the third module is the ‘all and sundry’ concerning liquid and piped sugar – this is the ‘royal icing’ module. Every student that successfully navigates these three modules are awarded a City & Guilds, London Certification.

The Advanced Sugarcraft Program


Of course, at ICCA the learning never stops! Graduated students are offered on-going support and advice from their instructors if they do so wish. In addition, if any student wants to take their qualifications further, the Sugarcraft department also offers additional courses of advanced techniques such as ‘patch-working in sugar’, ‘sugar lace’, ‘advanced modeling’, ‘cake carving’ and more! This leaves the prospective individual with the ability to tackle projects at competition levels. Each course of instruction also equips the student with Professional Business knowledge and an informed approach to starting up entrepreneurial endeavours of their own.

The 'How', 'What' and 'Why' 

With a well-rounded experience as to the How, What and Why on the world of cake decoration, let it be writ for the record that the ‘how’ is imparted with British Sugarcraft Guild level skills. The ‘what’ involves comprehensive and complete course content as well as follow-up support/advice where needed (this is unlike any other in the region). Leading to the ‘why’ – this naturally encompasses customer satisfaction and value for their course fee without undue pressure to undergo other additional as mandatory before choosing to do this course.

Pick as you will – the Sugarcraft Department welcomes you and will equip you with additional skills set, after all, we are in the business of enhancing lives!

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