Passion is the genesis of genius - said Galileo Galilee, the famous astronomer and scientist who gave the world the telescope.

The world has seen great leaders and achievers, simple people with a desire in their hearts & a fire in their bellies, who have accomplished feats and moved mountains – the seemingly impossible tasks that these brave hearts believed in.

They did all they had to in spite of the many hardships and obstacles that might have come their way to accomplish their goals and dreams.

“Oh, but I have challenges, huge ones that come in way of letting me do what I want. Also, the industry that I want to enter isn’t a piece of cake-walk either; it is tough with its odd and long working hours, it is too skill-specific, I don’t know what to expect, the uncertainties are scary”, some of you might say.

For some of you, money might be the limiting factor, for some it might be age that comes in the way, it could be the fear of the unknown for a few, and yet for some others it might be societal pressures, family issues or some commitments that you need to honor.

Yes, understandable... all of it, and agree too that it isn’t always that easy following your dreams or doing things that fire you up. But tell you what... If you don’t do what you need to, if you do not let your calling lead the way, you will end up in misery and wallow in self-pity and have that longing always tug at your heart.

The sense of emptiness that then follows is enough to come in way of all the other commitments and stop you from being your true authentic self.

To give your best, you need to first pep yourself up. One can’t serve from an empty bowl, can we?



Passion always finds a way. It is one of the greatest forces that has the power to push you to your limits and beyond. It is the force that gives you the courage to take risks. And courage is an important virtue, if you have a dream to follow or a thing to change.

Passion then dear people is not just an emotion... It is Energy in Motion.

It is when you apply yourself with a force that no difficulty or adversity, danger or uncertainty can stop you from doing what you have set your mind to.

Being Passionate is all about being ruthless, unyielding, demanding and uncompromising when it comes to going after what you want.

You have a hobby, a dream, a desire... whatever that might be; there are ways to get to it. It might take a bit longer to get there for some of you, but you will eventually get there and then the doors of opportunities open up in ways unimagined.

Even if you do not want to pursue a career, doing what you are passionate about is required to give you the energy to get through a rough day or situations.

If you have this power, this force called passion... you my friend, are a winner already. All you need is to be open to the idea of diving into it and the world then is your oyster.

What is it then that you are passionate about? Is it a game that excites you, music that feeds your soul, dance that gets you moving, is it art of any kind or theatre that fills in the colors? Is it the magic of numbers, the rush of research, the science of matter, the thrill of building things or the play of words that grips you?

Is it glorious fabulous food and the delights of gastronomy that spells wonder and fuels you up.

Time to introspect and get some answers and if you already know what drives you then it’s time to get some action.

I followed my passion and I'm unhappy... Said no one ever!

One such personality is none other than Jamie Oliver who came from nothing but his passion for food and pursued it relentlessly.

We have done the research for you and made a slideshow on Jamie Oliver's life story and how He went on to become what He is today.



Don't let anything stop you from following your passion and turning your dreams into a reality!

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