Coffee has been a part of the Middle Eastern culture for a very long time. Leave alone the big players in the market, today we see aspiring entrepreneurs catching fast on the trends and jump into the regional market by opening premium coffee shops, especially in the UAE, KSA and Kuwait.

A recent study carried out by a leading global Restaurant Industry Consultancy (Aaron Allen & Associates),  suggests that sales at Cafés and Specialist Coffee Shops are only expected to remain strong in the Middle Eastern region, and independent, home-grown concepts and the international chains are expected to acquire and retain consumer attention in the future as well.

So, how can you as a Coffee enthusiast or entrepreneur, capitalize on this booming market?

The Barista Program at ICCA Dubai

Designed for the aspiring entrepreneurs and Coffee enthusiasts, the Barista Program at ICCA Dubai offers comprehensive training & education in Barista skills, ranging from the history of the Coffee Bean, Customer Service and all the way to Café Management.

In association with CoffeePro Hong Kong, the program helps you understand the art of coffee making and get a theoretical & practical understanding of what makes the process successful.

The training and knowledge provided during the program is crucial for entrepreneurs who are looking to set up a Coffee Shop, particularly if they have absolutely no prior experience in the world of coffee.

Meet Maraouane, an aspiring entrepreneur from Morocco, now setting-up a Café in Kuwait.

As a part of the program curriculum, you will also be learning Latte Art! A very familiar term for any Coffee enthusiast and much sought after skill...

With the objective of teaching the basic theoretical and practical concepts necessary to produce superior coffee, the aspiring entrepreneurs taking up the program acquire sufficient knowledge & confidence to successfully enter the world of Coffee and set up their very own Café...

Get in touch to know more about the Artisanal Barista Program and start your very own journey of bean to cup.