Cooking is an art that needs both your mind and the soul to be working in perfect harmony. It is one of those few crafts where you use all of your five senses together to get the desired outcome. We are sure none of us would have thought of cooking at such a sophisticated level. Brings us to the question- is cooking all that entirely complex as it sounds? Well, technically speaking yes it is, but again it's not rocket science. Anyone with an aptitude to learn or with an interest in culinary arts can cook. It is also that simple as it is complicated.

If you have that passion and enthusiasm, naturally you will take an initiative to do some trial & errors in your kitchen to learn things. Later, if the activity grips you, you can then master the art by doing a Professional Program in a culinary school as well.

Having said that, it is important to mention that there are some of us who only prefer to cook when there is a necessity which makes you one of those infrequent home cooks. Times, when you don't want to eat out every day or some occasional fancy cooking for your friends and family. For such intermittent yet impressive cooking needs as mentioned above, you don't have to have in-depth knowledge or skill in culinary arts. You can always approach a culinary school like ICCA Dubai that provides courses for beginners and amateurs in various cuisines, at the state of the art facilities.

Gastronomic needs could be different for everyone. It varies from person to person and going to a culinary school to learn, doesn't always have to do with making a career in it. It could be done for just improving your knowledge, to pursue as a hobby or just to have some quality time spent with your family and friends.

Food, as they say, is essential to life. Therefore why not make it good.

Hear from Mariza Attalah, a food enthusiast who learned the technical sides of cooking with the help of Amateur Certificate Program which not only changed her perspective about cooking but also gave her a good exposure into different cultures via food.

If you are a food enthusiast and are looking to learn to cook international delicacies along with learning the technical aspects of food and cooking, then Amateur Certificate Program is something that you may want to explore. Learn to cook and enjoy healthy, exotic and flavourful meals every day at the comfort of your home.